February is National Cherry Month!

Michigan Cherries by jdurchen

Did you know that Michigan is the largest producer of Montmorency tart cherries, growing 70-75% of the crop? February is National Cherry Month, and the Cherry Marketing Institute (link below) has bushels of info about the history and present state of the cherry industry including growing research showing that antioxidants in tart cherries may relieve the pain of arthritis and gout & help fight cancer and heart disease.

Michigan’s Weekend Wintery Blast

Simplicity by ojoyous1

Just as Michigan was starting to warm up and the snow was starting to melt, Mother Nature came in with a wallop this past weekend.

From Monroe to Ishpeming, motorists found themselves stranded, school kids had yet another snow day, utility workers found themselves putting in overtime, and the snowplows were out en masse.

The Mining Journal reports that even the die-hard ski jumpers in the Upper Peninsula had to wait a day or two as the Paul Bietila Memorial Ski Jumping Tournament was canceled due to the weather. Residents there were expected to see as much as a foot of snow before all was said and done.

With temperatures in the 30′s for the next couple days, it looks like we may get that reprieve from the frosty bite of the air, but don’t store away the scraper for your car just yet!

Absolute Michigan Exclusive: Excerpt from ‘Everyday Leadership’ by Dan Mulhern

There’s so much more to being a great leader than simply just leading, as we learn from Michigan’s First Gentleman, Dan Mulhern. His new book, Everyday Leadership: Getting Results in Business, Politics, and Life, hits the shelves of your local book store on March 1st. Dan offers business leaders, politicians, teachers, ministers and especially parents, a different way of being an effective leader – leading through serving.

Michigan’s First Gentleman, Dan Mulhern

Ever wonder exactly what a First Gentleman is? Best to go to the source, our own Daniel G. Mulhern, Michigan’s own First Gentleman:

Tap Some Michigan Fun with the Winter Beer Festival

Winter Beer Festival

Mock Winter. Celebrate Beer! The Michigan Brewers Guild is holding their second annual Michigan Winter Beer Festival, an outdoor celebration of barrel-aged, cask and big beers from Michigan’s craft brewers on the streets of Old Town this Saturday, February 24th from noon to 5 PM. It’s a chance to sample over 150 brews from 32 different Michigan breweries Dress for winter weather and let each pint warm your soul. Hot food and live music, snow, rain or shine.

For more Michigan beer information, check out The Beer Festival Calendar and the newly released book, Michigan Breweries by Michigan authors Paul Ruschmann and Maryanne Nasiatka.

Tune in this Friday morning when we will release Absolute Michigan’s Michigan Beer List – read responsibly!

Black History Month: Discover Detroit’s Important Role

Mask by pinehurst19475

As we continue to celebrate Black History Month in Michigan, it wouldn’t be fitting for us to unravel the past without a trip to the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History in Detroit.

The museum’s main exhibit, And We Still Rise!, is all about the significant role that Detroit played in African American History. There’s a special twist to the exhibit this month only.

The stories of African American southerners migrating to Detroit, Michigan are personified as costumed interpreters interact with guests experiencing the exhibit And Still We Rise! Their reenactments detail what it was like working at the Ford factory, living in Black Bottom and experiencing the urban crisis of 1943.

The exhibit is open Tuesdays, and Thursdays through Saturday. Check the website for times and other information.

This Wednesday through Saturday, the Museum will be offering a special exhibit History of the Nation of Islam: Returning to Our Roots.

Since 1930, The Nation of Islam (NOI) has become a major influence in revitalizing black lives across the country, and has expanded its influence to communities internationally. The organization will celebrate its 77th Anniversary in Detroit, the city of its birth… The first of its kind, this exhibition features rare photographs, documents, and artifacts, which include personal items belonging to the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan.

The Museum also offers free screenings in their International Film Series, a free lecture series, live performances, and special workshops and activities.

East Lansing Children’s Film Festival

Autumn toss by paulhitz

If you’re in the Mid-Michigan area Feb. 23rd -March 1st, be sure to check out the East Lansing Children’s Film Festival. The Festival which is now in its 10th year will be showing over 100 films from 19 different countries. You will see various filmmaking techniques such as: stop-motion, claymation, scratch and finger paint animation, as well as computer-generated imaging. Genres include live action, documentary, shorts and feature length films.

Other interesting features include:

  • Winners of ELCFF’s Youth Film Competition – a statewide competition engaging Michigan’s youth to conceptualize, create and exhibit their talents through film.
  • Acting, animation and filmmaking workshops offering interactive educational opportunities
  • NEW! TeenReel – feature films and short programs designed strictly for our older film buffs, ages 13 and up. These art-house quality films have more intense scenes and content and parental discretion is strongly advised due to mature themes.
  • The Junior Film Critics Club – a year-round student (1-7 grades) film analysis program designed to build critical thinking skills through the medium of film, skills that will become a life-long asset.

Anyway you splice it, this Michigan Film Festival is guaranteed to be a fun and educational time for kids and adults alike!

Will Ferrell Needs A Few Good Michigan Cars

BuickElectra 225 by upthedubs1

Hollywood stars Will Ferrell and Woody Harrelson will be filming a new movie in Michigan in the coming months, and they are hoping for some Michigan classic car owners to step forward and help out.

The film, Semi-Pro, is due to be shot in parts of Detroit and Flint in late April early May. The Lansing State Journal has the full scoop on the comedy set in the 1970′s.

Specifically, the crew is looking for

  • a white 1970 Cadillac DeVille convertible with a white interior
  • a school bus, any other color than yellow
  • large delivery and beverage trucks or moving vans to hide things the director doesn’t want filmed.

If you can lend a hand to the folks in Hollywood, email them with your car’s make and model, and a photo if possible.

As always, stay tuned to Absolute Michigan for the very latest!

Governor Granholm takes Your Calls

Granholm Convention ’06 by C.A. Carrigan

Real Archive and MP3 download (28 MB).

Michigan Governor Jennifer M. Granholm took telephone calls from across the state in a live call-in show airing on Michigan Public Radio Network (MPRN) stations. MPRN’s Rick Pluta is the host.

The program was an open call-in format, with the governor fielding questions from listeners on a variety of topics.  

First Look at Michigan’s New State Budget

Hot off the presses in Lansing, and as promised in Tuesday’s State of the State Address, Governor Jennifer M. Granholm has released her 2007 Michigan Budget.

As expected the Budget offers many cuts to various state agencies, and also implements

…an aggressive, one-time economic stimulus package to further diversify our economy, create new jobs, and give those most impacted by the changes in Michigan’s economy access to the tools to land new jobs.

How does this affect you? Do you think that this will help our state or not? Feel free to discuss in the comments below.