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Michigan in Pictures 8 Year Anniversary

I remember 8 years ago

I remember 8 years ago… by MightyBoyBrian

Every day except Sunday, the Absolute Michigan homepage features publisher Andrew McFarlane’s personal photo blog, Michigan in Pictures. The daily blog started on December 30, 2005 and has featured 2,494 photos of and from the Great Lakes State.

Here are some ways to share your photos if you’d like to be a part of it all:

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Absolute Michigan Background Photos

Here are the photos we’ve used as Absolute Michigan backgrounds. If you’d like to share yours, add them to the Michigan Cover Photos Group on Flickr … and while you’re at it, share it in the Absolute Michigan pool.

Autumn Colors

Autumn Colors by AcrylicArtist

To Be In Green

To Be In Green by MightyBoyBrian

Grand Sable Banks Evening Light
Grand Sable Banks Evening Light by Gary of the North(Footsore Fotography)

We’ll add the rest soon.

Photo Friday: Happy Fence Friday by sharona 315 사론아

Happy Fence Friday

It’s been a loooong time since our last Photo Friday on Absolute Michigan, but when I realized I had a photo saved by sharona 315 사론아 (Sharon Lanzetta-Foster) and that she was part of next Saturday’s Exposure Detroit November Show, I figured it was an excellent time to dust the feature off!

Check this shot out bigger and see more of her work in sets including Michigan Central Station, Fall Walks and Black & White (slideshow).

Dive into her Flickriver.


Photo Friday: lilac blossoms by Ray-48

While lilacs are faded in much of Michigan, this weekend the Mackinac Island Lilac Festival kicks off so…

lilac blossoms

Ray-48 is a retired public elementary school teacher who writes that he’s not a technical photographer but loves to work and try.

His sets include Detroit Zoo, Packard Proving Grounds, Water and 25 Most Interesting (slideshow)

Dive into his Flickriver.

Check out the Lilac slideshow from the Absolute Michigan pool too!

Photo Friday: Untitled by MICHAEL_ZUHORSKI

Michael Zuhorski writes that he tries not to take photos that state the obvious.

He took this shot in Wyandotte and you can see more of his work in sets including Favorites, Up North/The Great Lakes, Black and White and Night (slideshow).

Photo Friday: Above The Intersection by Trovarsi

Above The Intersection

Trovarsi (Ryan Kasak) writes: My life experience has taught me that life’s truly unforgettable moments are quite forgettable without the reminder of an image. Peering into a photograph has always been an opportunity to reacquaint myself with a moment of my past and with the person I was when that moment occurred. This is the selfish reason for my photography.

Check this photo out bigger and also his sets including Architecture, Street Photography and Detroit (slideshow). See more of his work at Trovarsi Photography.

Dive into his Flickriver.

Photo Friday: spine as if frozen by jen526

spine as if frozen

jen526 ( Jenn Adams) says that she loves the outdoors, and photography is a great reason to go exploring, little kid style, in the woods or around a lake or through a meadow – the two are synergistic.

She asks: Does it detract anything from this photo to know that I took this on a tour boat? I’m always torn between keeping a photo simple and abstract; and telling some of the story behind it, which I enjoy when other people do and hopefully people can relate to some of the things that I do share … At Pictured Rocks, we took the typical tourist boat ride. My brother, sister and I insisted on being on the top level on the way out. There was thick fog that almost turned the boat back. People were complaining about the fog. I love fog myself, I was cheering inside. Partway out, the sun started to break through, yielding this. (you gotta see that photo!)

You can see this bigger and in her Michigan slideshow. Her other sets include Creatures, Night and Nature.

Photo Friday: Churning by Jeff Gaydash


Jeff Gaydash writes: My love for photography began years ago back in high school when on a whim, decided to take a course in photography. I knew nothing about the process of making images and when we got our supplies list the first thing I did when I got home was open up the box of photographic paper and stared at the blank, white sheets. I did not realize until the next class that the paper was light sensitive and therefore ruined most of the sheets in the box by opening them in broad daylight. Needless to say I was mesmerized by the chemical photographic process. Projecting a negative in an enlarger and then watching the image magically appear on the paper in the developer bath.

Definitely view this photo from Port Sanilac  out bigger and check out his sets including Piezography Prints, The Great Lakes, Architektura and Explored! (slideshow).

Dive into his Flickriver…

Photo Friday: Majestic by Lou Peeples


Lou Peeples says that he has been taking photos in and around Detroit since his Canon AE-1 film days. He’s now using a Nikon D700 and a variety of lenses and loves the area; the good, the bad and the ugly. See more of his work at

You can see this photo bigger in his Downtown Detroit slideshow. His other sets include Nature, Urban and the small (but growing) 52 for 2001 (slideshow).

I’m not sure if the Ambassador Bridge can span his Flickriver, but it can try!

Photo Friday: DN hiking it, Elk Lake- Elk Rapids, Michigan by rickrjw

DN hiking it, Elk Lake- Elk Rapids, Michigan

rickrjw (Rick Wolanin) added an ice boating shot from Harbor Springs to the Absolute Michigan pool today, but I liked this one from 2 years ago on Elk Lake.

He’s a retired commercial photographer. Check his Collections for tons of iceboating and sailing shots. Other sets include Boyne City,  Sunsets/Sunrise and Iceboating (slideshow).

Speaking of Elk Lake, here’s a great video from a few years ago of iceboating on Elk Lake.