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Five Things You Need to Know About Michigan Morel Mushrooms

5thingsMay is Morel Season in Michigan … usually that is. In 2012, however, morel season has arrived early (click for photo evidence). Michigan’s morels are out there, so here’s a classic feature on Michigan morels to help you get out and find the mighty morchella!!

The Elusive Black Morel by cedarkayak
The Elusive Black Morel
by cedarkayak

1 Morechella, true morels, are a honeycomb-like mushroom that  are prized by chefs the world over. The Great Morel Homepage can take you a lot deeper with links about the science of  these woodland delicacies. If you’re looking for information about hunting morels this feature on has some great tips to help you hunt and to be a good citizen of Morel Nation. Ed Vielmetti in Ann Arbor has a bunch more thoughts on the hunt. has tons of information as well about where to look, saying: Black morel habitats includes Ash, Fruit and Aspen trees (also known as: Popple or Poplar) or even lawns and fields.White (yellow) morels especially like Elm, Fruit trees, and Maple. And in southern Michigan, the Tulip Poplar tree is a good host.

2 When you find morels, you’re going to want to cook them. The easiest tip is to soak them and rinse very well – they do have a lot of “grit” – and then fry them in butter. You can of course do a lot more with them. Check that article and the recipes page at The Great Morel (one suggests a Michigan Dry Riesling pairing – we couldn’t agree more!). Even if you don’t find morels, you can buy them from Michigan-based Earthy Delights. On their recipes page they offer several ideas including Spring Wild Harvest Ragout With Fiddlehead Greens & Morels!

My favorite part of Spring by Apocaplops
My favorite part of Spring by Apocaplops

3 Michigan loves its morels and we have two great morel celebrations. The annual Mesick Morel Festival is slated for May 11-13, 2012. Follow their Schroomers Log for updates on who’s finding what and where. The second is the National Morel Mushroom Festival in Boyne City that takes place May 17-20, 2012. When you click that link you’ll hear the strains of the Mushroomers Waltz, and when you visit the festival, you’ll have a chance to taste an incredible array of morel dishes and enjoy an experience much like  Absolute Michigan did a few of years ago.

Although morels are early, Morelfest committee member Scott MacKenzie assures us that restaurants & chefs are storing up plenty for their featured Taste of Morels event. Scott says he’s starting to find black morels and adds “Who knows what Mother Nature has in store. The gal I was hunting with found one gray. If it stays cold, it may turn out just perfect. One thing is for sure: if you come up, I guarantee you’ll have a good time! Thornetta Davis is performing and there’s all kinds of fun to be found.”

4 Finding morels means knowing what they look like, and being able to distinguish them from poisonous false morels. You can see a whole bunch in the Michigan Morel Slideshow from the  Absolute Michigan pool on Flickr, including one from Sunday posted by the Honor Motel.  Michigan in Pictures has a bagful of photos and articles about morels as well. If you want to share YOUR photos with us, add them to the Absolute Michigan pool on Flickr or post them to the Absolute Michigan Facebook!

5 There’s a bunch of great videos out there on morels including a sweet time lapse of a morel growing over 8 days by Ken Scott, a nice tour of the Michigan woods in morel season, one with Zachary Trost and morel expert Tom Nauman and a very nice primer to morel hunting from Country Living. I have to go with my buddy Tony Williams and the Boyne City Morel Fest – enjoy and good hunting!!

Five Things you need to know about the Detroit Red Wings

UPDATE: Here’s the highlights from last night’s 3-2 series tying victory!

5thingsThe Detroit Red Wings open the 2012 playoffs tonight vs the Nashville Predators at 8 PM – click for the game preview. Here’s 5 things about the Wings to get you ready for their Stanley Cup run.

Have more? Add them in the comments.

1 Because these are the Red Wings We’ll start with the Wings trailer for the 2012 playoffs.

11 Stanley Cups by l_c_m_tt_,
11 Stanley Cups by l_c_m_tt_,

2 … or make that 20. The Bleacher Report has 12 Keys to the Red Wings making a deep run for the Stanley Cup. They note that no team in major professional sports has had more consecutive playoff appearances than the 20 straight by the Detroit Red Wings. In fact nobody is even close in hockey with San Jose 2nd at 7. Over those 20 years the Red Wings have managed to hoist the Stanley Cup four times. Add in 2 straight 6 game series wins over Nashville in 2004 and 2008 and it’s hard to bet against the Wings.

3 Overcoming expectations Despite their strong heritage, most pundits are picking against the Wings. Drew Sharp at the Freep says that it might be too early to count them out.

#13 Pavel Datsyuk by Buzz Click Photography
#13 Pavel Datsyuk by Buzz Click Photography

4 Pavel Datsyuk, Predator Killer. He’s back from surgery and in the words of Predators defenseman Kevin Klein “He can stickhandle in a phone booth.” The phone booth metaphor is apt in this case as Datsyuk is the most prolific Predator killer in Red Wings history with 59 points in 57 games all-time against Nashville.

5 Detroit IS Hockeytown. In 2012 the Wings proved that true with an NHL record 23 game winning streak en route to a 31-7-3 home record. The Joe Louis Arena is perhaps the most fearsome place to play in all of sports – let the octopi fly!

Five Things You Need to Know about Michigan March Madness

Click over for the details on the first round including our March Madness Mascot Matchup!

5things March Madness is upon us and Absolute Michigan has Five Things you need to know about Michigan’s teams. Have more? Share them in the comments!

Game times Friday, March 16: UM v Ohio @ 7:20 PM, MSU v LIU @ 9:20 PM, UD v Kansas @ 9:57 PM.

1 MSU vs Wisconsin
MSU vs Wisconsin (Draymond Green) by M.Hallowell

The Michigan State University Spartans are the #1 seed in the West Region. The Lansing State Journal is the Spartans hometown paper and they have the best coverage, hands down. In, Joe Rexrode thoroughly recounts MSU’s victory over Ohio State and the Big Ten title. He also recounts the announcement on Selection Sunday:

A huge roar erupted from MSU players, coaches, support staff and family members in a lounge at the arena when the NCAA Tournament selection show revealed that the Spartans got the fourth No. 1 seed in the tournament.

…This is MSU’s first No. 1 seed since the Spartans got three straight from 1999-2001 – going to the Final Four each year and winning the 2000 national title. It’s the fifth in program history, including one in 1990 for a team that made the Sweet Sixteen.

2 Two other Michigan teams made it to the big dance. The first is a University of Michigan Wolverines team that went 24-9 overall and tied with MSU & Ohio State for a share of the Big Ten Title. They are seeded 4th in the Midwest region and a definite threat to make a run. The other is the University of Detroit Mercy Titans who drew a #15 seed in the Midwest region and face Kansas on Friday at 9:57 pm. The Titans have been surprisingly tough in the tourney, downing St. John’s in 1998 and knocking 5th seeded UCLA out in ’99.

3 Three players to watch are the Spartans Draymond Green, the 6’7″ 230 pound Saginaw native, team captain and Big Ten Player of the Year who averages 16 points and 10 rebounds per game. The second is actually a pair, the Wolverines backcourt duo of Trey Burke (Big Ten media members Freshman of the Year) and Tim Hardaway Jr (son of NBA all-star Tim Hardaway who combine to average 28 ppg and are one of the most dynamic backcourts in the nation. The second is Ray McCallum Jr, the Detroit native and son of Titan coach Ray McCallum who averaged 15.6 points, 4.5 rebounds and 3.9 assists.

4 Four more articles that are worth a read are:

  1. Will MSU’s amazing chemistry be enough?
  2. A look at UM’s tough first round date with Ohio (not Ohio State)
  3. U of D looking to make a run
  4. and NCAA March Madness Haiku Previews: Not Ohio State / Trey Burke can be big March star / Get by Bobcats first

5 writes:

Michiganders usually have at least one team to follow in the NCAA Men’s Division I Basketball Tournament aka March Madness. In fact, Michiganders had five teams to follow in the 1998 tournament, including Michigan, Michigan State, Detroit Mercy, Eastern and Western.

They log 25 tournament appearances for Michigan State with Championships in 1979 & 2000. The University of Michigan has been to the tournament 22 times and won it all 1989. The University of Detroit Mercy has been to the tournament 5 times but has never broken into the Elite Eight.

Let’s close with won of the greatest games in Michigan basketball history, Magic Johnson and MSU vs. Larry Bird and Indiana State!

Five Things You Need to Know about Michigan snowstorms

Fit Strip snow storm panorama_Web_BWa_contrast boost_lrg blk border
Fit Strip snow storm panorama by tifranta

The majority of our snow comes from lake effect. We don’t usually see that heavy cement-mixer type of snow.”
~ Gaylord-based National Weather Service meteorologist John Boris

5thingsMarch came in like a lion this year. A 2011 Detroit Lion to be precise.

Back in the day we would mark notable items with a special “Five Things You Need to Know” so here you go, and please post your thoughts in the comments.

Better Late by Elizabeth Glass
Better Late by Elizabeth Glass

1 On the evening of March 2nd, 2012 a late winter storm roared through Michigan. The National Weather Service pegged the total at 27 inches in Ishpeming while Long Lake near Traverse City totaled 26″. A state of emergency has been declared in Benzie, Grand Traverse and Leelanau counties with schools closed in all three counties. Michigan Radio has a nice overview of the storm and the damage.
2  Over 250,000 people lost power across the state as wind gusts of up to 55 MPH and heavy wet snow took their toll on power lines. Power companies and other utilities scrambling, and mLive reported last night that over 50,000 people were still without power. The TC Record-Eagle has an update this morning, and Consumers Energy is updating their Facebook with outage reports and they also have a list of open shelters.

3 The   Northern Michigan March Blizzard of 2012 has a collection of pics from the Absolute Michigan pool on Flickr – we’ll add more as we find them!

Houston, we have a problem by farlane
Houston, we have a problem by farlane

4 If you’re wondering where this storm ranks on the all-time list, it’s certainly behind the Great Blizzard of 1978, a brutal storm in Jan 26-27 that dropped almost 30″ on parts of Michigan and was “The most extensive and very nearly the most severe blizzard in Michigan history.” 20 people died, many were hospitalized and 100,000 cars were abandoned on Michigan highways. It was perhaps eclipsed by The White Hurricane of 1913. The Detroit News has a feature on the worst snowstorm in Detroit history from April 6, 1886 which dropped over 2 feet on the city, piling drifts 12 feet high.

5 WOOD-TV took a trip north to check out the situation. Check it out below and you can also go for a drive around Traverse City.

MI recovers after storms black out 264K:

Here’s the cover photo from the Absolute Michigan Facebook page. Feel free to use it on your page and/or share YOUR photos in the Michigan cover photos group on Flickr!


Five Things You Need to Know Heatwave Edition: Beat the Heat in Michigan

5thingsBefore we suggest a few ways to beat the heat, we’ll set the mood with Motown’s own Martha Reeves & the Vandellas who started at the Motown office in Detroit as William Stevenson’s secretary and was also charged with supervising Stevie Wonder during office hours and singing occasional backing vocals. Berry Gordy was impressed with her talent, and within a short time Martha And The Vandellas were one of Motown’s most successful recording outfits and charting with hits like “Nowhere To Run”, “Dancing In The Street” and “Heatwave”. Lots more at her site, and Wikipedia.

Superman by sullivan06
Superman by sullivan06

OK, so jumping out of your chair at work and dancing? That’s not gonna help.

1. The office does offer a strategy though. With highs today in most of Michigan into the upper 90s and a chance of topping 100 on Thursday, air conditioners are one of your best friends. FOX-17 offers some tips for maximizing their effectiveness including drawing the blinds so they don’t have to work as hard. If your workplace has A/C, today is probably a good day to work late.

2. Fortunately, Michigan has its own A/C in the form of 300+ named rivers, over 11,000 lakes (take THAT Minnesota) and the big ones: Lake Michigan, Lake Huron, Lake Erie and the best lake for a day like today, mighty (cold) Lake Superior. The water temperature in Superior by Marquette today is in the 60s – maybe it’s time for a trip to the U.P.! Even if you can’t make it, Michigan boasts tons of parks with water access, so cut out to the beach or float down a river today. Sunscreen is of course, a must.

Smile + Flow by Ralph Krawczyk Jr
Smile + Flow by Ralph Krawczyk Jr

3. Speaking of water, the Freep reminds us to drink lots of water in a cool feature that includes photos of how some Metro Detroiters are beating the heat. Water can get a little old after the 10th glass, so try one of my favorites – make a batch of lemonade and add some Michigan tart cherry concentrate for a tart & refreshing drink!

4. Have you felt guilty for not taking advantage of Michigan’s incredible variety of museums & libraries? This week is a perfect time to take some time to explore with family & friends. Pure Michigan has a nice list of Michigan museums and you can get lots more art museums and historical museums & libraries from Absolute Michigan!

5. At the end of the day, it’s almost impossible to avoid the heat on a day like today. A good piece of advice is remember February and revel in it!

Let us know other ideas to beat the heat in Michigan in the comments, and if anyone out there has a heat-beating product, tell us about it below.  If you want, email me and we’ll give it away to our email list!

2011 Detroit Auto Show

Five Things You Need to Know About MichiganWelcome to a special edition of Five Things you need to know about Michigan presenting the 2011 Detroit Auto Show. The public show runs January 15-23, 2011 at the Cobo Center in Detroit, Michigan.

We say Detroit Auto Show, you say..?

dodge zeo conceptWe’re going to continue to call the 2011 North American International Auto Show the “Detroit Auto Show” until we receive a convincing argument to stop. “North American International Auto Show” is just too long and NAIAS sounds like some kind of acronym thought up to make everyone happy that doesn’t. The NAIAS history page (where you can see a video from last year) doesn’t explain why the Detroit Auto Show changed its name after 82 years in 1989. Concept Carz suggests that it was because Detroit Auto Show became an international event that year, but  BMW, Jaguar, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche and Volvo first joined the show way back in 1957.

Blogging the Detroit Auto Show

Detroit Auto Show at JalopnikOnce again one of your best outlets for unabashed car love with a healthy dose of humor is the  2011 Detroit Auto Show on Jalopnik.  They have a tasty feature on the best concept cars of 2011 and a great video tour of the show with ex Volvo & Ford designer Peter Horbury.

Get daily updates on mlive’s Detroit Auto Show – Concept Cars, New Vehicles, Rumors, Pictures, Videos. Over at Autoblog they pile up the photos as fast as the car companies can dish them out. If you’re a gamer, you might want to climb into the Call of Duty Black Ops Jeep Wrangler,    but most will probably want to see the editors’ top 5 vehicles (#1 is the Hyundai Veloster). If you like your cars easy on the environment, check out  Autoblog Green where you can go inside the manufacturing of a Tesla Motors roadster. Pretty much everyone with a blog is covering it of course, from to Motor Trend to Popular Mechanics. We were going to run down newspaper coverage as well, but it’s enough to give you the links to the Detroit News Auto Show pagesand the Freep’s NAIAS coverage.

Detroit Auto Show Photos

Plymouth Fury!The NAIAS has a photo tour of the 2011 show and a nifty virtual show floor.  The photo at the top right is murcielago roadster by joojanta from the Absolute Michigan pool. He has a great set of photos called NAIAS 200x with more. You can see a whole lot more by checking Detroit Auto Show and/or NAIAS on Flickr. The blogs & papers above are another great source of photos of production cars and concepts as well.    If you’d like to step back in time, check out this Detroit News Rearview Mirror feature The Detroit Auto Show: from beer gardens to tabernacles to Cobo Center.

Detroit Auto Show Video

Once again, the blogs and papers above have video. For more, we turn to a YouTube search on Detroit Auto Show (see the most recently added NAIAS videos).

NAIAS Detroit 2011 HighlightsAutoMotoTV:

Attending the Detroit Auto Show

The NAIAS web site – ok, so I’ll type it – has everything you need to know about attending the public show and tomorrow night’s black tie charity preview. If you do attend and take pictures or video, we’d love it if you’d share them with us on Flickr and YouTube!

Anything else to add or ask? Post it in the comments!

Five Things you need to know about Michigan: Extreme Economy Edition

Face Plant by by Rudy Malmquist
Face Plant by by Rudy Malmquist

Five Things You Need to Know About MichiganWe try to be as positive as possible, but I do hope that everyone (and yes, I’m looking at you elected officials) is preparing to need to do extraordinary things to keep our state and the people in it afloat.

1. Jack Lessenberry spoke with Ismael Ahmed, director of the Michigan Department of Human Services, who worries that Michigan is nearing the cliff, staring down:

…an explosion in poverty, in need, in families slipping below the water line, just at a time when he knows he is going to have to do much, much more with less money…

(Ahmed says) “We’ve seen a dramatic increase in poverty in the state. More than one-fourth of children are living in poverty. “More than 2 million people are living below the poverty line, and that’s still increasing. And when you count people who are working but who just don’t make enough to live, that increases to about a third of the state.”

2. When we look at our massive deficit, it’s instructive to look at what’s behind it. Peter Luke at mLive points out that tax cuts have left Michigan unable to invest in itself:

The Headlee amendment to the Michigan Constitution is simple. The state can collect up to 9.49 percent of personal income in taxes and fees approved by the Legislature. Anything over that has to be returned to taxpayers. The aim was to cap the growth of government.

…in funding essential services, state government in 2010 will collect a little more than half — $14 billion– of what the father of the modern conservative movement in Michigan thought appropriate.

For all the hand-wringing over how to return to prosperity, Michigan is unable to make long-term investments in its future.

Luke gets bashed in the comments on his article, but the case he makes that we have cut ourselves into a corner is worth a little thought.

3. On the bright side, the Michigan Policy Network says that our corner is nowhere near as dark as California’s:

The projected FY2009 budget gap is 672 million dollars. This number is significant, and additional cuts or tax increases are needed to stabilize Michigan’s economy. However, this budget deficit is only 2.9% of the size of the total projected budget, a comparatively small margin. While the situation seems significant, consider California. The nation’s biggest state has an astounding projected deficit of 35.9 billion dollars. That’s 35.5% of the total projected 2009 budget.

4. The Freep takes a look at a few measures designed to spark our sputtering economy.

5. Finally, I’d like to direct you over to Michigan in Pictures where you can see this photo from the pentax hammer bigger and hopefully take a little hope into your day from these words:

In the depth of winter I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer.
~ Albert Camus

Five things you need to know for Thursday, March 27, 2008

Five Things You Need to Know About MichiganWelcome to a special Michigan Homes & Real Estate edition of Five Things you need to know about Michigan. Before I dive in I wanted to say a little something about our month themes. We got the word that a) you like them but b) you would like them to be not so loud so c) we’re listening and turning it down a little while d) continuing to develop this kind of thing. There should probably be an “e” in there to keep the Number 2 pencils sharp, so I’ll add e) keep the comments coming!

 Detroit Riverwalk at Sunset #2 by epeoples
Detroit Riverwalk at Sunset #2 by epeoples

The Sweet 16 of Detroit’s Development Scene

Model D got into the March Madness Mood with 16 Sweet Developments in Detroit. The feature lists some great projects like RiverWalk, Hatch HQ, Dequindre Cut and the Tiger Stadium redevelopment and also general trends like better food, a facelift for the arts and Open City, an informal networking group in which business ownders share tips about real estate, start-up financing, marketing and other thorny issues with folks starting businesses. One thing is clear – there’s an energy in the D that can’t help but benefit the city and the rest of the state.

Mortgage Crisis Hits Hard in Michigan…

It’s probably a surprise to nobody that Michigan is near the top (#6, see Freep article) in real estate foreclosures. While 75% of foreclosed homes are located in southeast Michigan (according to WZZM, Grand Rapids), the effects of the mortgage crisis are dropping home values statewide (Gaylord Herald Times, WOOD-TV Grand Rapids), making it difficult to sell even “dream homes” up north (Detroit News) and even tightening commercial credit (mLive).

Commercial Real Estate Hit too … by the Legislature

When residential markets collapse, commercial buyers often move in and soften the impact by buying foreclosed properties. The Kalamazoo Gazette’s business writer Alex Nixon has an informative (though depressing) look at how Michigan’s new business tax is imposing 200% or greater tax increases on commercial real estate. While it makes some sense due to the fact that the old SBT was payroll based, it is proving challenging to many in the industry. (thanks to Real Estate Bloggers for the tip)

So Where’s the Silver Lining?

One of the things that we always try to do is find the good in the news. While the whole homes & real estate picture is pretty gloomy, here’s a couple of thoughts. One is that while the drop in real estate value is bad for home owners, those who are seeking to buy are – when they can get credit – finding good value in Michigan. Many of those are young families, something that might help stem our population loss over the long haul. A second is that the difficulties are forcing Michigan to take the lead in confronting the foreclosure tide that is rising all across the nation. Whether our political leaders and institutions can rise to the challenge is an open question, but it seems to me that items like this bill aimed at providing transition loans for ARM holders through the Michigan Housing Development Authority are a step in the right direction.

Detroit Riverwalk at Sunset

Detroit Riverwalk at Sunset #2 by epeoples is one of a number found in a search for riverwalk in the Absolute Michigan pool on Flickr. Many are from the Detroit Riverwalk, and all show something that is another amazing thing about making Michigan your home: the magic of our water.

Detroit Tigers Spring Training 2008

Five Things You Need to Know About MichiganWelcome to a special Detroit Tigers Spring Training edition of Five Things you need to know about Michigan where we pucker up for a platefull of Grapefruit League goodness!

Cabrera by hueytaxi

Spring Training with the Detroit Tigers

Last year on Absolute Michigan we compiled what probably remains the definitive resource on the Detroit Tigers and spring training. It has loads of information about spring training tickets, Lakeland, Florida and Joker Marchant Stadium and also lists some of the bloggers who are covering the Boys in Blue, which brings us to…


Lakeland Local (an honorarily arbitrary Michigan blog for Spring Training) opened Spring Training with a great roundup titled simply: Yes! Roar of the Tigers offered some love-ly lights and noted that although Pitchers and Catchers reported on Valentine’s Day, Tom Gage of the Detroit News tried to RUIN IT ALL by writing that Brandon Inge may still be traded. Detroit Tigers Weblog covered Inge-gate as well and also Manager Jim Leyland’s concern about the bullpen. Batting cleanup and already swinging for next year, Mack Avenue Tigers looked at a number of closer scenarios (Rodney, Zumaya, John Hiller) including the possibility of K-Rod (Francisco Rodriguez) sliding into the closer role in 2009. And also, as the setup man for the next bit, All-Star Tiger newcomers Dontrelle Willis and Miguel Cabrera, who says “I see next to my locker, I see [Gary] Sheffield, I see [Edgar] Renteria, Magglio [Ordonez]. I’m excited, you know? It’s like a dream come true.”

Cabrera by hueytaxi

Flickr’s man on the scene in Lakeland is Roger DeWitt aka hueytaxi. His spring training tag has hundreds of photos that capture the Tiger ballplayers amidst the casual atmosphere of the grapefruit league: signing autographs, working out, superstitiously stepping over random bits of concrete, getting re-acquainted with baseballs, forgetting which sport they’re playing or just flashing a big old “the weather’s warm and I have the best lineup in baseball” smile. Roger is a regular contributor at

Best. Lineup. Ever.

If The Google is to be considered as the foremost authority on pretty much everything, then Tiger fans can take heart in the fact that 2 of the first 10 results – and the only two that mention a specific teams lineup – for the search of “best baseball lineup ever” are for the Tigers. Over at Spring Training ’08 you can see how the Tigers stack up against the rest of Major League Baseball and see their projected 2008 starting lineup and position battles. You can follow along all season at Absolute Michigan keyword Tigers.

Fire up the YouTube…

The Detroit News has a team in Lakeland and they’re sending back some quality reports on Spring Training that can be found on David Coates’ channel on YouTube. Below is one featuring Miguel Cabrera … play ball!

Five things you need to know for Tuesday, February 5, 2007

Five Things You Need to Know About MichiganWelcome to a Super Fat Pazcki Tuesday edition of Five Things you need to know about Michigan. We’ve been meaning to share the video of Gov. Granholm’s 2008 State of the State speech, which probably ranks near the top in the “Getting People Who Don’t Want to Stand Up and Applaud to Stand Up and Applaud” category.

Today is Paczki Day

 Street Art-Manistique Lighthouse by whitewavesThe Polish News explains that in Polish American communities, Pazcki Day is celebrated on “Fat Tuesday” – the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday (today). Polish paczki (filled doughnuts or Bismarks, pronounced “poonch-key”) are traditionally eaten. The city of Hamtramck has an annual Paczki-Day Parade, and lines can be seen up to 24 hours before the deep-fried delights go on sale at the numerous local bakeries.

Federal Budget not kind to Michigan

In Budget bleak for Michigan the Detroit News reports that President Bush’s proposed budget doesn’t have a whole lot of good news for Michigan. Michigan will take cuts in energy assistance to the poor and Medicare and also cuts programs that some Michigan startups are relying on for funding including hydrogen fuel cell vehicle research and the Manufacturing Extension Partnership.

Street Art – Manistique Lighthouse

Who better to answer an uncertain future and the call of eating a whole lot of sugary pastries than Big Boy? Of this photo, whitewaves writes: …here Big Boy…stands upon the sign holding a Burger staring out at Lake Michigan… off in the distance you see historic Manistique light house.. sometimes i wonder at what point as a civilization did we decided to pave America with strip malls…

Big Boost for Michigan Film Incentives?

mLive has a feature by AP writer David Eggert that says that Michigan lawmakers are weighing the best tax incentives for filmmakers in the nation. Michigan currently offers rebates up to 20%, and while those were among the best in the nation for a week or so when they were passed in 2006, they are closer to the middle of the pack according to the Michigan Film Office. In addition to boosting rebates to 40%, Lawmakers are considering additional incentives for companies that hire and/or train Michigan-based workers instead of flying in crew from outside the state.

Hamtramck, Michigan

Hamtramck, Michigan weatherThe City of Hamtramck says that the area was originally settled by the French who came largely from Quebec, named after a French Revolutionary War hero, Colonel Jean Francois Hamtramck and – with Detroit, Mackinaw and Sergeant – was one of four Wayne County townships. In the 1920s and 30s Poles and Eastern Europeans flocked to the city, drawn by auto industry jobs and their influence remains in the names and culture of the city. The city’s population was 22,976 in 2000 (Wikipedia). In addition to a suprising number of cool and offbeat articles, Absolute Michigan keyword Hamtramck features the Hamtramck Star, a web site with great photos and writing about the city.