Michigan State Capitol Post Card by Marxchivist

Michigan Week is an annual celebration that seeks to to embrace, explore and celebrate the history, resources and opportunities that set Michigan apart as an ideal state to work, play and thrive.

Recently retired Michigan Week director Jim Schultz wrote an article on Michigan Week (PDF) that tells how Michigan Department of Economic Development director Don Weeks (who was also instrumental in the creation of the National Cherry Festival and the Michigan Sports Hall of Fame) started Michigan week in 1954 along with a number of citizens.

It was the intent of the committee that Michigan Week would begin within state government. The first Michigan Week in 1954 used the tag line “This is YOUR Michigan!” and prided itself as “a seven-day celebration for 7 million citizens.”

Spring was chosen over fall as the right time of year for Michigan Week so that summer tourism could be promoted. The inaugural Michigan Week began with the first week of May, gradually giving way to mid-May as northern communities complained that snow curtailed a number of outdoor Michigan Week activities.

Each day of Michigan Week was given a name that celebrated a particular reason or resource that made Michigan a special place to live, work or raise a family … Spiritual Foundations Day, Mayors Exchange Day, Hospitality Day, Our Livelihood Day, Education Day, Our Heritage Day and New Frontiers Day.

Michigan Week 2007 begins this Saturday (May 19) and you can learn about the celebration at the State of Michigan’s Michigan Week page, find out what’s planned for your area at the Michigan Week event calendar and if you have any ideas for how to celebrate Michigan, post them in the comments below!