Pure Michigan Statewide Sing-along premiers

Rob Bliss & Jeff Barrett, creators of the fantastic Grand Rapids lip dub video premiered their Pure Michigan Statewide Sing-along at halftime of the Lions game on Sunday. It was filmed in 50 Michigan cities in 7 days. It’s a pretty cool travelogue of the Great Lakes State in under 4 minutes.

Check out the finished video below and also don’t miss the behind the scenes blog from PureMichigan.org.

Killing Carp: The Carp-ocalypse of 1973

Holga: Ford Lake by Matt Callow
Holga: Ford Lake by Matt Callow

Matt’s Ford Lake slideshow

Earlier this summer, Gov. Jennifer Granholm called for aggressive action to prevent Asian Carp from entering the Great Lakes, saying “We must use every available tool at our disposal to protect the Great Lakes, including closing the locks, expanding eDNA testing and applying additional rotenone as necessary.”

That prompted the Ann Arbor Chronicle’s local history expert Laura Bien to dig up a previous case of using rotenone on Ford Lake. She begins:

In 1973, the Michigan Department of Natural Resources wanted to turn Ypsilanti’s Ford Lake into a fisherman’s paradise. They planned to stock it with muskellunge, rainbow trout, and large- and smallmouth bass.

The only problem was the lake’s population of “rough fish” – mostly the common carp, plus bullheads and suckers. Carp are not native to Michigan. They were introduced in the late 19th century by the era-equivalent of the DNR as a valuable food fish that was cheap to keep on artificial ponds dug on farmers’ land. The farmers’ aquaculture projects inevitably spilled into Michigan waterways.

A century later, the DNR planned to douse Ford Lake with the piscicide rotenone to kill the carp and other rough fish, then whisk the remains into the Ypsilanti Township landfill and restock the pond.

Read on for more and see Asian Carp on Wikipedia and also this Asian Carp video from Animal Planet.

Photo Report: Michigan Brewers Guild Summer Beer Festival

photo report by Ken Jacoby

Michigan Brewers Guild Summer Beer Festival by KcJacoby
Michigan Brewers Guild Summer Beer Festival by KcJacoby

The Michigan Brewers Guild Summer Beer Festival in late July presented the attendees with a multitude of obstacles. Air raid sirens, torrential downpours, and the overflowing Huron River on Friday night, the sweltering heat and spotty thunderstorms gave the attendees for Saturday a near identical experience. Mere weather was not enough to stop the dedicated people who attended the Summer Beer Festival from enjoying themselves.

Thousands of people came from all over the state to sample over 3,000 beers made from more than 54 breweries in the state of Michigan. Over 9,000 tickets were sold which was an increase from last years Summer Festival which has been contributed to the number of people taking interest in home brewing, and micro breweries located throughout the state of Michigan.

Each ticket included 15 drink tokens which provided 3 oz. samples of any of the vast amount of beer selections available. The festival also had a large amount of food vendors selling a variety of food from hot dogs to barbecue ribs to help compliment the many tastes of beer for the evening.

The Michigan Brewers Guild isn’t stopping here with the outstanding success of these events either. Next up for the guild is the 2nd Annual U.P. Fall Beer Festival (formerly U.P. Oktoberfest) which will be held on Saturday, September 11th, 2010 from 1:00pm-6:00pm at Mattson Lower Harbor Park, Marquette, MI. Shortly after that they will be holding the 2nd Annual Detroit Fall Beer Festival – October 23rd at the Eastern Market. Get details on both festivals from the Michigan Brewer’s Guild.

View the slideshow bigger on Flickr.