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    The Daily Michigan: Wake up your Funky Mamacita with Higher Grounds Coffee!

The Daily Michigan: Wake up your Funky Mamacita with Higher Grounds Coffee!

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and we have a number of special giveaways to help you show the mothers in your life how much them mean to you! Today on The Daily Michigan one of our featured partners, Higher Grounds Trading Company will kick things off with a 1# bag of their Funky Mamacita Blend and a travel mug.

Funky Mamacita is full-bodied and smooth, with notes of roasted nuts and a bold, creamy finish. They created it in commemoration of the first Higher Grounds employee to have a baby! They know that moms are often on the run and unable to drink their coffee when it’s hot. Because cold coffee makes for sad mommies, they are including one of their great travel mugs.

Higher Grounds was founded to with the social mission to advance economic justice worldwide by identifying and supporting fair trade sources for the highest-quality coffees from around the world. Click to read about some of the work with girls & women they support.

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    The Daily Michigan: Fair Trade Olive Oil from Higher Grounds Trading Co

The Daily Michigan: Fair Trade Olive Oil from Higher Grounds Trading Co

Today on The Daily Michigan we have another offering from one of our featured partners, Higher Grounds Trading Co of Traverse City. Higher Grounds was formed to create connections between people who enjoy a fair trade and organic coffee and the amazing people who harvest the green coffee beans.

Recently, they added a new product to their line, fair trade, organic olive oil from Palestine. It’s extra virgin and cold pressed and proceeds directly benefit the families who grow the olives. We’re pairing that with a limited edition t-shirt commemorating the recent Run Across Palestine.

The Run Across Palestine is a project of On the Ground, a nonprofit that works to support fair-trade farmers all over the world. Higher Grounds founder Chris Treter helped to create On the Ground and you can learn all about the Run Across Palestine and their other projects in the video below or watch them all on YouTube!

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The Daily Michigan: Private Tea Cupping from Light of Day Organics

Today on The Daily Michigan we’re giving away a private tea cupping for up to 6 people, to include matcha ceremonial green tea at Light of Day Organics.

Founder Angela Macke has a background in Holistic health, as an RN, educator and horticulturalist and based on her own positive experiences in utilizing gentle, natural rhythms to restore balance. Angela believes that a holistic approach is the most effective way to restore optimal health and a sense of well being, and crafts her teas accordingly.

Light of Day teas are grown organically and biodynamically under the guidelines of the National Organic Program and Demeter Biodynamic, then hand-harvested, dried in a licensed commercial farm kitchen, and packaged with great care with teas blended small batches to promote consistency, to maximize freshness and for optimal nutritive benefit. Sign up below and check out the video from Angela below where she shows you how to brew an ideal cup of tea!

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Michigan Culinary Tourism

Mack-in-touch Apples by (  Jennifer  )
Mack-in-touch Apples by ( Jennifer )

A month ago, Absolute Michigan participated in the the Creating Michigan Culinary Destinations conference (read our live blog) where the Michigan Culinary Tourism initiative was launched. For the video below, we spoke with Melody Johnson of the International Culinary Tourism Association, keynote speaker Ari Weinzweig of Zingerman’s, Linda Jones of the Michigan Wine & Grape Council and a number of attendees to get a sense of what culinary tourism can mean for Michigan.

Check out the Michigan Culinary Tourism page for links to foodie tours and other resources.  We’re also wondering about your thoughts on how culinary tourism can play a role in Michigan’s future – let us know your thoughts and interesting culinary experiences in the comments!

This video features photos from several photographers from the Absolute Michigan pool: blondieyooper, richard deming photography, photoshoparama, oldog_oltrix, southen, detroit derek, trish p and jennifer. Stay tuned to for the latest on Michigan’s booming epicurean industry!

Be A Tourist In Your Own Town – Lansing, May 30th

Be A Tourist In Your Own TownWe wanted to draw attention to this annual event in Lansing as it is something every city in Michigan should consider emulating. It is just too easy to grow into the mind set that where you reside there is absolutely nothing to do or that you have already seen it, done it, surfed it. We wager to bet that there are plenty of area attractions right under your that offer new experiences or old ones that need to be rediscovered. This kind of local exploration is a great way to reconnect with your community, save a few dollars while at the same time pouring a few back into your community’s economy which in turn keeps your area of the Mitten prosperous and interesting to visit.

So we present to you:

Be A Tourist In Your Own Town brought to you by the fine folks at the Greater Lansing Convention and Visitors Bureau. Consider organizing one in your area!

About Be A Tourist In Your Own Town

Fifteen years ago, the Greater Lansing Convention and Visitors Bureau created this event to increase community awareness of it’s attractions and the tourism industry’s impact on the area. So once again the doors are open for you to explore culture and creativity in mid-Michigan.

As Lansing celebrates its 150th anniversary, take this opportunity to enjoy attractions that highlight both Lansing’s unique history as well as its innovative and progressive future. This year they have included old favorites such as Impression 5 Science Center, Potter Park Zoo and the Michigan Historical Museum, and added new hot spots like the FRAG Center, MSU’s Breslin Center, WKAR Studios and taste the new “Capital City Sundae” ice cream flavor at the MSU Dairy Store. You can view a complete list of the participating places to go and things right here.

How it Works:

For only $1 you can purchase a “passport” which allows you FREE admission to more than 60 area attractions, local businesses, and special activities on May 30, 2009 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. **Ages 3 and under do not require a passport. Get from place to place with CATA. For only 50 cents you will receive a stamp which will allow you to ride the Be A Tourist routes for the rest of the day for no extra charge.

Check out a slideshow of the Lansing area from the Absolute Michigan Flickr pool!

10 Day Assembly Line Concert on behalf of Big Three

tntdavid was on hand for the opening of the Assembly Line Concert that featured Motown artist and Detroit City Council member Martha Reeves and trumpeter Walter White…


Welcome back to the Ross Sandelius Michigan Music Show. Yesterday Ross provided a photo for our Rothbury post and this morning he tipped me off to the 240-hour “Assembly Line” concert that will take place March 20-30, 2009 at AJ’s Music Cafe in Ferndale.

The Assembly Line concert will bring the two worlds together as the music marathon pays tribute to American workers, products and automobiles. The Danny Boy marathon attracted singers ranging from local business owners to the governor of Michigan. The Assembly Line will also call on musicians from all segments of society to come together in the heart of hard-hit Main Street America and help pay tribute to the down, but not out, American worker.

“We call on every manufacturing plant, every car dealership, garage mechanic to join us,” O’Neil said. “We call on politicians, loan officers, credit agencies, builders to join us. We call for music to heal us in these trying times.

“We call on the corporate world to join us to help us in our Main Street solution to this American challenge.”

The Assembly Line Concert will feature at least 240 acts, performing for 240 hours, nonstop, at AJ’s Cafe, 240 Nine Mile Road, Ferndale, Mich.

Each of the 10 days will highlight different aspects of the American partnership between workers, employers, politicians and the media. One day, political leaders will play 24, one-hour sets; another day, auto workers; and another day, local Detroit bands. Even members of the media will have their own day to play.

Well cool. Hope you get a chance to check it out and if you get some YouTube or photos, post links in the comments!

My Detroit
My Detroit by Ross Sandelius

Here’s a shot of Ross’s 9′ print on the wall at AJ’s.

Absolute Michigan’s Mondo Valentine’s Day Rundown

Ginny, You Are My Shining Star by docksidepress

We have compiled an extensive list of Valentine’s Day Events, Gift Ideas, Getaways & Dating Ideas, Giveaways and Parties for Singles, Couples & Kids. With Absolute Michigan’s Mondo Valentine’s Day Rundown you have no excuse in not charting out a stellar V-Day. Just scroll through this seemingly endless page of options and I think you will find something that tickles your fancy and hopefully that your significant other for this year and for those to come. On to the list….

Shop Michigan: Highland Humanity Blend Coffee from Higher Grounds

Highland Humanity Blend Coffee from Higher GroundsHigher Grounds Highland Humanity Blend coffee is “a robust blend with a rich, full body that has the caramel nuances of a medium roast and the bold flavors of dark roasts.” The blend comes in 1 lbs, 3 lbs, or 5 lbs and it’s just one of a number of fair trade and shade grown organic coffees they sell!

The Higher Grounds Trading Company provides premium, gourmet handcrafted coffees while supporting their coffee-producing partners who are leaders in sustainable development and environmental preservation around the world. Higher Grounds is part of the Fair Trade Coffee Federation, and all their coffee is certified organic by the USDA.

Their Customer Happiness Department would also like to invite you to the Grand Opening of their new coffee bar and roastery in the Village at the Grand Traverse Commons in Traverse City next Thursday (Sept 13) from noon – 9 PM.

Ready to Pick: Michigan Blueberries

farmers market by chadvw

Blueberries are the latest Ready to Pick feature from Taste the Local Difference. They talk about the importance of blueberries to the Native Americans and say:

The National Institute of Health suggests that there is evidence that the antioxidants in blueberries can prevent some of the problems associated with aging, and can actually reverse some of these effects. In one study, scientists studied rats and found that ones who consumed blueberries were more active and alert!

Blueberries are low in fat, and a good source of both fiber and vitamin C. One cup of fresh blueberries will give you five grams of fiber and 15 percent of your daily vitamin C.

July is National Blueberry Month and Michigan leads the nation in blueberry production, producing 32 percent of the blueberries eaten in the U.S.

I’m not sure if active and alert rats are a good thing, but I have no doubt that the recipes they give for Blueberries ‘n Cream Pie (from the Michigan Blueberry Growers Association), Michigan Lemon, Blueberry, and Chicken Salad (courtesy Michigan Department of Agriculture’s blueberry pages) and Fresh Blueberry Muffins from the Sunshine Cafe in Bear Lake will be!

All this and more awaits you at Ready to Pick: Blueberries!

Blogs We Dig: Kitchen Chick

Lidia's Italy & Sausages with Fennel and OlivesKitchen Chick will fill you in on just about anything you need to know about cooking: Chinese pickled vegetables, a Polish grocery store in Ann Arbor, even the explosion in Mexican and Central American restaurants in the Ann Arbor-Ypsilanti area. The blog also features some very, very good recipes with photos guaranteed to make you wish you were eating instead of working.

Author Lisa Leutheuser is an avid cook and eater who will try anything and has 200 cookbooks at her house. She was even quoted in Who’s Afraid of Souffles? on

Hungry? How about some Creamy Maple Polenta at the Desserts page or Lidia’s Italy & Sausages with Fennel and Olives. (pictured right)

“And then we have wine. And we dine. And we groan. And then we eat dessert and groan some more. And then we talk until we can contemplate moving again.”
-on Thanksgiving