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Vol I, No. 1: Introduce Your Michigan Business or Organization!

This is a page where we asked folks to say hello. Lots of them did!

The current version of Introduce Your Michigan Business or Organization is right there.

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New Ann Arbor area emag interviews ePrize’s Josh Linkner

Shapiro Geometry by anikarenina

Issue Media Group (publishers of Model D and other emagazines) have launched their latest internet publication, metromode. The publication delivers engaging articles, videos and excellent photography on Ann Arbor and Michigan’s new tech corridor.

ePrize, based in the Royal Oak area, is the largest internet promotion agency in the world. In the video below, company founder Josh Linkner says there is phenomenal talent in the Detroit region and talks about how the company is helping to create a “reverse brain drain” by creating a tangible success story and attracting employees to the region.

Visit the ePrize web site.

Make it a Michigan gift this holiday season

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Absolute Michigan would like to help you find great gifts that are made in Michigan – and also to ask you to help us find them and share them with others!

Chief Okemos Photo Resurfaces on eBay

Chief OkemosThe Lansing City Pulse has an interesting feature on a recently acquired and very rare tintype photogragh of Chief Okemos via eBay. Prior to this discovery there were only two known photographs and 4 known paintings of the Chief. According to the article not much is known about Chief Okemos and the aquistion of the tintype only adds to the mystery surrounding the man. It goes on to explore the plus and minuses of services such as eBay in placing price tags on historical items.

With millions of items being sold every day on eBay, you never know when a needle will be found in the online haystack. Imagine the excitement of local historian and collector Craig Whitford when last September he came across a listing for an “original ID’ED Indian Chief Tin Type.” An inscription in the case identified the photograph as “Okamus” and indicated the Indian chief was from Lansing.

Click here to read “The surprise return of Chief Okemos”

Also see:

Read: When I Was a Young Girl by Marion Turner Reasoner When I was a young girl Old Okemos, the chief of the Saginaw Chippewa, was a frequent visitor at our house. I remember that we looked upon him as a great chief and were much interested in hearing him talk of the terrible battles he had fought. We gazed upon the scars on his head and face with awe and decided he must have been one of the greatest warriors.

Michigan Historical Markers: Chief Okemos

Read: CHIEF OKEMOS in life and death

Wikipedia: John Okemos (Chief Okemos)

Shiawassee County History: Chief John Okemos (includes photo of his grave stone)

Photo Credit: Chief Okemos from the Archives of Michigan

Valentines Day in Michigan

Our staff has pulled together some great links and articles for Valentine’s Day to tell you more about the holiday and give you some great entertainment and gift ideas.

We’ll start off with this St. Valentine’s Day information from Wikipedia. It offers essential holiday facts such as: In Ancient Rome, the day of February 15 was Lupercalia, the festival of Lupercus, the god of fertility, who was represented as half-naked and dressed in goat skins. (Note that Lupercian behavior is probably frowned upon by your community).

Leelanau Enterprise has a nice feature about 35 married couples who have been “sweethearts” for more than 50 years who were recognized for their commitment by students last week. The story and the secrets the couples shared make a great read for Valentine’s Day (or any time of the year). Several readers share their romantic stories in the Lansing State Journal.

The way to a man (or woman’s) heart is often through the stomach, and the State of Michigan web site has some great recipes for Valentine’s Day including a Michigan Cherry Cream Pie that would probably guarantee your valentine would be happy (if a trifle portlier).

The state also recommends some Michigan Wines for your Valentines including Chateau Chantal ‘Celebrate’, St. Julian Sparkling Raspberry, several Michigan Cherry Wines and (of course) L. Mawby’s ‘Sex’ (a sparkling wine that we are certain enjoys at least a 25% sales boost due to the name). In addition, they point to an amazing number of Michigan winter wine events (many in early February with a romantic angle).

Travel Michigan has put together a great selection of Romantic Escapes in Michigan. Their getaways and packages are perfect for couples who are looking to get away from it all (but not each other).

DetroitWonk has a post titled Valentine’s Day: Detroit is For Lovers that features Metro Detroit-related gifts for significant others. Items include a nifty “Detroit is for Lovers T-Shirt” from Pure Detroit and Motor City Makeup. They STRONGLY suggest getting your significant other something more than just lip balm and a t-shirt … maybe our readers could offer some suggestions via the link above. Also check out Unpredictable, Urban Flavor’s Detroit Valentine’s Page that features something for all of the senses including (for smell) the tip to (instead of sending roses), “Send your sweetheart a bouquet of stargazer lilies. These beautiful lilies have a dark pink center with white edges and can fill a room with its sweet scent. Plus, these pretty lilies last days longer than your typical rose.

Speaking of flowers that aren’t roses and that last longer, my florist (who doesn’t have a web site) gave me the great idea of giving live flowers. The hyacinth I gave remained in bloom for weeks and was very well received. Plus, we’ll be able to plant the bulbs in the fall.

No Valentines Day page would be complete without something for the many folks who are less than fond of the holiday. Jenna Passut of the Oakland Press has observations of and web sites for those who don’t much like Valentine’s Day.

We also have a large number of Michigan web sites to check out (though if we’re missing one, be sure to add a link to it). Click for…

Flowers & Florists … say it with flowers

Chocolate … there’s also candy companies

Candles … lighting the way for romance for thousands of years

Jewelry … silver & gold

Bath & Body … sweet scents for your sweetie