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Roundup: Opening Day of Michigan deer hunting season

Buck on the run by oakwood

Opening day of deer season probably ranks pretty high in the list of Michigan holidays. The Michigan DNR has all the details on deer hunting in Michigan, including a reminder that much public land is open to hunting – be aware!

Michigan saw just 650,000 hunters last season, but that number is expected to climb to about 700,000 for the November 15-30 firearm deer season. As in 2011, some of these will be 10 and 11 year-olds due to Michigan’s Hunter Heritage Act. The Michigan DNR is your best source for information and their MI-Hunt program allows you to locate public lands open to hunting.  There’s also a lot more info from the White-tail Deer Portal from the DNR and MSU.

The Battle Creek Enquirer says that while “up north” was the place to be in years past, that trend has slowly changed to the point where southern Michigan is seen to offer the best hunting and has produced the highest number of deer killed. They also say that:

This year, however, there is a wild card: Epizootic Hemorrhagic Disease.

EHD is an often-fatal disease transmitted to deer by midges. Late this summer, an EHD outbreak was confirmed in Ionia County. It eventually spread throughout most of southern Michigan. In late October, the disease had been confirmed in 30 counties and accounted for a minimum of 12,000 dead deer – a number that accounts for only those deer reported to the DNR. The actual number of deer lost is anyone’s guess.

The DNR is asking for your help in reporting dead deer from EHD. One bright spot is that EHD does not affect humans, so edibility of the venison is not impacted by this disease.

An excellent, in-depth report from Bridge Magazine last year titled Deer have Michigan on the run is still relevant. It explains that:

The number of hunters in Michigan has been shrinking since the 1960s, according to state data. Hunting license sales have decreased 15 percent over the past 15 years, from 934,430 in 1995 to 786,880 last year.

The ranks of hunters are shrinking nationwide. But the effects of that trend are especially prevalent in Michigan, where deer dominate vast areas of the landscape, hunters are the primary method for keeping the herd in check and revenue from the sale of hunting licenses funds many of the state’s wildlife management programs.

Fewer hunters mean: Less money for the Michigan Department of Natural Resources to manage wildlife; less money to maintain forests, marshes and other areas where birds and mammals reside; less money for conservation officers who keep poachers in check; and less money for small businesses that count hunters among their best customers.

It also means more deer – read on to learn about the impacts of our 1.7 million deer.

In another great article from last year, noted that Opening Day is Michigan’s other Black Friday, as deer hunters spend an average of $800 each, making deer hunting a half a billion dollar industry in Michigan. The Freep adds a feature on hunting gear that’s made in Michigan. If you are gearing up, be sure to look in on our Sporting Goods section.

Happy hunting!

March Michigan Event Calendar

Our monthly calendar contains a selection of what’s cool to do in Michigan. If you have an event to share, please POST IT IN THE COMMENTS. We read them all and might add yours, but if you email us, we simply can’t add the event!

If your event is ticketed and you would like to give tickets away to promote it, please go to this page!

Approaching Spring by mayerdavid1978

Our Michigan event calendar for the month of March features all kinds of signs that spring is just around the corner with some cautious reminders that objects around the corner may be further off than they appear.


“March is a tomboy with tousled hair, a mischievous smile, mud on her shoes
and a laugh in her voice.” – Hal Borland

“It was one of those March days when the sun shines hot and the wind blows cold: when it is summer in the light, and winter in the shade.” – Charles Dickens

“Springtime is the land awakening. The March winds are the morning yawn.” – Lewis Grizzard

“Spring is when you feel like whistling even with a shoe full of slush.” – Doug Larson

“Spring is nature’s way of saying, Let’s party!” – Robin Williams

Fast Facts

March’s birthstone is Aquamarine and Bloodstone. They symbolize courage.

Its birth flower is the Narcissus.

March in the Southern Hemisphere is the seasonal equivalent of September in the Northern Hemisphere.

Daylight-Savings time occurs on March 13, 2010, at 2:00 AM – time to spring ahead!

Think spring! The vernal equinox occurs on March 20, 2011, at 11:21  PM EDT.

Riding out a hard winter in Michigan with snow bikes!

The snow bike ... by Dr. Farnsworth
The snow bike … by Dr. Farnsworth

In Crain’s Detroit Business, Howard Lovy writes that although overall hotel occupancy rates across Michigan were up slightly for December and January, in northern Michigan where the wintertime color of money is white, the winter of 2011-12 has been a big bust. But as Businesses that need snow find ways to ride out a winter that’s more in the red than the white explains, if there’s one thing Michigan businesses have developed in recent years, it’s perseverance:

Just ask Tim Brick, owner of Brick Wheels, a Traverse City ski and bike shop. In winter, December is the make-or-break month. The lack of snowfall meant business was down 40 percent that month. In January, it was down 20 percent.

It was so bad that Brick had considered laying off some of his 15 employees.

Then a funny thing happened as the customers trickled in. Many were intrigued by a display of “snow bikes” — machines with big tires that can be used when the there’s not enough snow for skis but too much for ordinary mountain bikes. Snow bikes seemed to satisfy a longing for hard-core sports enthusiasts in northern Michigan — where they take their skiing and bicycling very seriously.

Let it Snow! by Rudy Malmquist
Let it Snow! by Rudy Malmquist

Read on for more about snow biking and what other businesses including ski resorts are doing to offset a disappointing winter.

Speaking of snow bikes, the one to the right is made here in Michigan by 616 Fabrication. 616 is the area code for West Michigan, the birth place of two bicycle companies who enjoyed a cult following: Slingshot Bicycle Co. and Nukeproof Mountain Bikes. In July of last year, the former owners of these two companies joined forces to use the best resources, people, and talent that West Michigan has to offer to manufacture some of the most progressive and detailed custom bicycles available anywhere.

You can also check out snow biking at Michigan Tech and Bike the Keweenaw for some trail & riding information from the UP. The Great Bear Ski Race (March 10, 2012) will include 10 and 25k snow bike races on Sunday the 11th. They’ve declared the 25k race the Midwest Snow Bike Championships. Ski on Saturday, bike on Sunday!

If you’re in the market for a snow bike, head over to our Michigan Hiking & Biking page for a stable-full of Michigan bike shops, trails and biking links! Now here’s a little snow biking action courtesy Marquette’s Quick Stop Bike Shop

Michigan: Great Lakes Surfing Capital

Surfing Michigan by farlane

We’ve pulled together a great collection of Great Lakes & Michigan surfing videos with a few links:

Did we miss something? Of course we did!! Tell us and/or add a link in the comments.

Cyber Monday and Holiday Deals in Michigan

Screen Head by Chancellor Monnette
Screen Head by Chancellor Monnette has a look at Cyber Monday that notes that online sales are expected to increase slightly in 2009, but that an overall dip in holiday spending may make it a wash.

Price remains the driving factor for most consumers as the national unemployment rate hovers at 10.2 percent and Michigan’s unemployment rate is 15.1 percent. For many major retailers, this means that offering free shipping is a necessity, said Larry Freed, CEO of Ann Arbor-based ForeSee Results, an online customer satisfaction firm.

“Discounts are going to be big, and free shipping’s a part of it, no doubt,” Freed said. “It’s almost a cost of entry at this point.”

Let us know in the comments if you’ve found any good online deals from Michigan retailers and check out Absolute Michigan’s Shopping section for links to thousands of online stores in Michigan!

2009 Absolute Michigan Holiday Gift Guide

Photo by Cherie S.
Photo by Cherie S.

Think Globally, Shop Locally with our Michigan Holiday Gift Guide, designed to help you find the perfect Michigan gifts online or off. Feel free to add your Michigan based gift suggestions in the comments section below!

The photo in this post was taken by Cherie S. and is titled “Don’t worry about the past, rejoice in the present and have hope for the future.” Words to live by….

Art, Books & Music
Fire Center Studio
– Ishpeming, MI
Savu has owned Fire Center Studio in Ishpeming, Michigan since 1987. While her painting and illustration is done out of her studio, her work sells in galleries and gift stores throughout northern Michigan and the midwest. Her primary gallery retailer is Michigamme Moonshine Gallery in Michigamme, Michigan. Savu’s ‘Colours of Home’ annual collectible calendar series is available at bookstores and gift shops throughout the midwest as well as on website.

Mackerel Sky Gallery of Contemporary Craft – East Lansing
Mackerel Sky Gallery of Contemporary Craft, a gallery of fine craft located in East Lansing, Michigan. Owners Tom and Linda Dufelmeier created a format for the Gallery that includes an exhibit space featuring individual artists in shows that last for approximately two months. The works of art are presented in a comfortable, welcoming atmosphere allowing people from all backgrounds an opportunity to experience thought-provoking imagery by a single artist. The larger portion of the Gallery includes an eclectic selection of paper products, blown glass, jewelry, fiber, ceramics, garden accessories, fine woodworking, furniture, and lighting chosen for excellence in design and function.

Brian Vander Ark Music – Grand Rapids, MI
The lead singer of the Verve Pipe and author of the hit song “The Freshmen”, Brian has just released his debut solo CD “Resurrection”.

Fork in the Road by Eric Villegas
The new cookbook Fork in the Road with Eric Villegas (Huron River Press) is a companion to Chef Eric’s award-winning national PBS cooking show of the same title. The 192-page, hard cover, book is filled with gorgeous food & other photography that sweeps you across the magical mitten, the great state of Michigan. From north to south and east to west Chef Villegas covers the great agricultural heritage of the state in his sumptuous recipes.

Pewabic Pottery – Detroit, MI
Pewabic Pottery is a living treasure and offers visitors an exciting glimpse of a little known part of American history. Founded in 1903 during the Arts & Crafts Movement, Pewabic is nationally renowned for its tile and pottery in unique glazes. Today it is a non profit ceramic art education center which welcomes 70,000 visitors annually.

Ducksicle – Detroit, MI
Detroit’s only Chilled Poultry Rock quartet starring Tony, Helmut, Erica and the fantastischen Erik Jensen.

Elderly Instruments – Lansing, MI
The best music is the kind you make yourself and Michigan’s largest instrument seller has a wide range of instruments and accessories for the accomplished or novice musician.

Heritage Guitar Inc. – Kalamazoo, MI
Heritage manufacturers Custom Carved Hollow Body Guitars, Semi Hollow Body Guitars, and Solid Body Guitars. This is to say nothing of the countless number of custom instruments made in each of the groups previously mentioned. Banjos, Mandolins, Flat Tops, and Basses, are no longer being produced because of the demand for the guitars mentioned in the above 3 categories.

From the Vine – Exploring Michigan Wineries
Get the only book that celebrates Michigan wine country, wines and winemakers with intriguing behind-the-scene stories, beautiful photographs and interesting side features (192 page, hard-cover book).

Harry Goldson – Suttons Bay, MI
Harry says that music is now more fun than ever, because now he is playing what he wants to play in a way he thinks it should sound, and what a sound it is! Harry’s eighth album Flirtations is now available.

Earthwork Music
The Earthwork Music collective believes in the intrinsic and historical power of music to raise both community and self-awareness and serves to facilitate and encourage original music in the state of Michigan and beyond. Give Michigan music!

Glenn Wolff Studio – Traverse City, MI
Welcome to the Glenn Wolff Studio Store. The shelves are stocked with prints, original art, and music by Glenn and a few friends. Come on in and look around. We never close, and we are offering free shipping for the month of December.

Log Art Inc – Boyne City, MI
Welcome to Log Art Inc.’s Gallery which features samples of our line of fine-crafted rustic furniture and accessories. This sampling will give you a sense of the impeccable quality and craftsmanship that have come to be our trademark, “Lodge Look of Northern Michigan.” Our design and building skills are of heirloom quality and the finest made in Michigan. We welcome custom orders and enjoy working with our clients to help build their dreams.

The Art of Karen M Smith – Lapeer, MI
Original paintings are available on this website, and listed for auction on Ebay. Many paintings available at Gallery 194 in downtown Lapeer.

Michigan History Magazine – Lansing, MI
Published since 1917, Michigan History is about and a part of Michigan’s fascinating past. Every colorful 64-page issue tells the exciting stories of Michigan people and their impact on their communities, the nation and the world. Michigan History overflows with intriguing feature articles, bold illustrations and departments highlighting history-related books, travel and events six time each year.

Hollander’s – Ann Arbor, MI
Since 1991, when the store first opened, Hollander’s has become one of the leading and largest sources in the country for unique decorative papers and bookbinding supplies. It is also well known for its outstanding offerings in book and paper arts workshops. In addition, Hollander’s has grown as a retail store, specializing in stationery items ranging from journals and photo albums to cards and unique gifts.

Nature’s Way Woodworking – Alberta, MI
We design beautiful furniture and gifts made with rare birdseye maple wood. Our fine hand crafted items are locally made in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, by our very own wood turning and wood designer expert: Dave Stimac. One look at our quality wooden gifts and accessories will bring you back again and again to see what’s new in our latest line of weather instruments, barometers, clocks, dining room sets and kitchen items. Each item is a one-of-a kind work of art that you and your family will cherish for years to come.

Clothing & Jewelry
Yooper Steez – Marquette, MI
Steez: Style with ease! We believe everyone who lives in the U.P., or loves the U.P., should have a cool U.P. t-shirt. The way we see it, it doesn’t need words. Take the Nike logo for example, they don’t have “Just do it” under the swoosh. And the U.P. is the same. It has enough presence to stand on it’s own. In our opinion we expect people to recognize it, we shouldn’t have to tell them, they should know!

Aurora Borealis Designs – Leland, MI
Aurora Borealis Designs of Leland, Michigan hand crafts unique jewelry from beach glass, beach stones and silver.

Kathy Fagan Handbags – Okemos, MI
Welcome to Kathy Fagan Handbags—chic and charming bags for every occasion. Individually designed and handcrafted, each handbag exudes elegance and a touch of cheeky charm. Indulge in the chillier seasons’ most crucial and decadent accessory, the fur handbag. Made from vintage and new fur pieces, each bag is one-of-a-kind—they are true collectors’ items.

baabaaZuzu – Lake Leelanau, MI
Hats, mittens, scarves, jackets, purses and bags, posy pins, christmas stockings and more are handcrafted in beautiful recycled wool… each a work of art.

Pure Detroit – Detroit, MI
Authentic Detroit apparel + unique gifts that represent the 313. Spend an afternoon and shop in the City. Each Pure Detroit store is located in Detroit’s most architecturally significant buildings – the Fisher Building, the Guardian Building and GM Renaissance Center.

Catherine Doll – Sawyer, MI
Located in the popular Harbor Country of southwest Michigan, on the shores of Lake Michigan, Catherine Doll is 80 miles from downtown Chicago. Sustainable fashion created from repurposed clothing – overdyed, pieced, crushed, tied, clamped, taken apart and put back together again. Each piece is one-of-a-kind.

Food, Dining & Drink
Zingerman’s – Ann Arbor, MI
Send great food anywhere in America. Gift boxes of bread, cheese, pastry, olive oil, vinegar and more. You really can taste the difference.

Jampot – Eagle River, MI
Jampot is closed for the season. However, they currently have a full selection of jams,jellies, fruitcakes and truffles available for immediate shipping and the Christmas mail order season.

Sweetie-licious Pie Pantry – Dewitt, MI
Sweetie-licious Pie Pantry is a charming bakery cafe located in downtown DeWitt, Michigan. The vintage ambiance paired with delicious, old-fashioned food makes for a perfect dining or take-out experience. Our fare is created by infusing the best vintage recipes along with the latest taste sensations. All of our foods are homemade, made with only fresh and quality ingredients – no preservatives are ever added. We specialize in retro baked goods, but we have an amazing lunch and dinner menu as well. Simply put, everything we make is truly unique and yummy.

Vintage Michigan Club
Join the Vintage Michigan Club and discover Michigan’s best-kept secret! Enjoy your favorite Michigan wines and reward yourself with special savings. With your lifetime membership you will receive these terrific benefits:

  • Discounts at participating wineries, wine retailers, and restaurants across the state. View the list of participating businesses (PDF).
  • Complimentary Michigan Wines Corkscrew or Etched Michigan Bottle Stopper.
  • Michigan Wine Country magazine, an annual publication with maps to Michigan’s wineries, interesting articles, and all the information you need to enjoy Michigan’s wine country.
  • Monthly email newsletter with the latest Michigan wine-related information.
  • Discounts for selected Michigan wine festivals and events.

Cherry Republic – Glen Arbor & Traverse City, MI
Welcome to Cherry Republic, the land of Life, Liberty, Beaches & Pie! Over 141 gourmet food products made from Michigan cherries to sample, purchase and send as gifts. Cherry Bakery, Cherry Winery, Cherry Cafe and Retail Store. Free gift-boxing.

Leelanau Coffee Roasting Company – Glen Arbor, MI
Leelanau Coffee Roasting has wonderful gifts for all of the special people in your life… Coffee beans! French Presses! Logo Mugs! Grinders! Leelanau Coffee sells all the exciting coffee accessories to make your coffee drinking a true “up north” experience. 2008 marks our Fifteenth Year, and we are proud of our heritage, and excited about the future!

Earthy Delights – Dewitt, MI
Earthy Delights is America’s premier supplier of specialty foods to quality conscious American Chefs. We pioneered the use of overnight delivery to get fresh produce from the farm to the kitchen in the shortest time possible. We are leaders in offering wild-harvested and hand-crafted foods from small harvesters and growers to a larger audience. Now we are bringing this same selection of fine products to the adventurous home chef, using the power of the internet.

Higher Grounds Trading Company – Traverse City, MI
Roasting 100% Fair Trade and Organic Handcrafted Coffees. Check out our great coffee, gifts and gear this holiday season!

Rudy Baggs – Lansing, MI
Rudy Baggs Coffee Roasting Company roasts only world class Arabica coffee and specializes in weekly home delivery.

Pasty Central - Calumet, MI
Order Delicious U.P. Pasties and see why Pasty Central has become a primary starting point for many visitors to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Fresh from the U.P. to you! Great gifts!

Stone House Bread – Traverse City, MI
Our promise is the freshest bread in the North, made every morning with the finest organic flour—fragrant, crusty loaves with the sweet tang of sourdough. The baguettes and boules that emerge from our venerable Matador oven (built in Stuttgart when John Kennedy was president) will prompt memories of morning walks in Paris and Rome. We believe you’ll say, with celebration: Now that’s an honest loaf of bread!

Eden Foods – Clinton, MI
The finest locally grown and organic foods since 1968. Michigan organic beans, processed fruits and juices, pastas, whole grains, Edensoy, vegetable oils, vinegars, soy sauces, misos, snack mixes, teas, dried fruits, popcorn, etc. Buy on-line.

Grocers Daughter Chocolates – Empire, MI
Our artisan, hand-made chocolates and hand-dipped truffles are made with many locally grown/blended products such as herbs, spices, berries, spirits, coffees, teas and nuts. We use no artificial flavors or preservatives, and we buy locally when it is possible.

The Great American Pretzel Company – Howell, MI
At The Great American Pretzel Company ® we make the best gourmet Chocolate Covered Pretzels in America. Our products are made using only the finest milk, dark and white chocolates, the freshest pretzels and highest quality ingredients. Our beautifully packaged, made-to-order pretzels make a perfectly decedent gift for someone special or an indulgent treat for oneself. 1-866-889-5778

Leelanau Peninsula Vinter’s Association – Leelanau county
The mission of the Leelanau Peninsula Vintners Association (LPVA) is to help spread the word about all the good things happening here in our corner of paradise. Our cool-climate, Michigan wines have been winning more national and international awards and praise each and every year. Leelanau County wines and vineyard tours make the perfect gift.

Pioneer Wine Trail – Southeast MI
Southeastern Michigan’s Pioneer wine making region is a great place to spend a few hours…or a few days! The beautiful rolling Irish Hills, many lakes and Hidden Lake Gardens are right along the trail. Relax, savor our wines, stop for some antiquing and perhaps stay in one of the many Bed and Breakfast inns in the area.

Lake Michigan Shore Wine Trail – Southwest MI
Discover the world of wine in your own backyard by visiting our tasting rooms nestled among the rolling hills and inland lakes. We are a short ride from our harbor towns of New Buffalo, St. Joseph, South Haven, and Saugatuck. Enjoy award winning Michigan wines as spectacular as our sunsets on the beach.

Wineries of Old Mission – Traverse City, MI
Jutting north between the azure arms of Lake Michigan’s Grand Traverse Bay lies Old Mission Peninsula. Situated at the globe’s 45th parallel – the ideal climate for growing varietal wine grapes – the seven distinct wineries that comprise this stunning appellation have been well recognized by international wine enthusiasts. Discover the beauty of the Old Mission Peninsula and experience its award-winning wines: Chardonnay, Riesling, Pinot Grigio, Pinot Noir, Merlot, Gewürztraminer, sparkling varieties and the prestigious ice wines.

Home & Garden
Ciao Bella – Petoskey, MI
Garden and home products and services personally chosen to appeal to one’s pursuit of the well-lived life, no matter how great your dream or how small our product.

Spa & Pampering
The Great Lakes Natural Soap Company – Canton, MI
The Great Lakes Natural Soap Company is a Michigan-based producer of top quality natural soap. All of our soaps are handcrafted, in small batches, using premium ingredients and exceptional quality control. No two soaps will ever be exactly alike. Great for gifts!

Little Black Book of Beauty – Detroit, MI
Looking for a new Michigan salon or spa? Or a great skin care provider or personal trainer? Or any other hair, make up and beauty related therapy? Our guide to beauty services will help you find whatever products and treatments you’re after.

Two Bees Candles
100% Beeswax, all natural candles. Free of fragrances, chemicals, paraffin. Great Lakes area beeswax, with the natural aroma of honey from the hive.

Sports & Recreation
Old AuSable Fly Shop & Old AuSable Outdoors – Grayling, MI
Old AuSable Fly shop has Scott, St.Croix, Keystone & TFO Rods Ross, SA, TFO and Bailey Reels. Fish Pond, Pacific Fly, Logo shirts & hats, Dan Bailey Waders, Fly tying materials. Any gizmo or accessory you need! Old AuSable Outdoors is a full service fly fishing pro shop, a complete paddlesports center and a sundries shop with unique items including art, books and gifts with a Northern Michigan flair. We are located on the banks of the beautiful AuSable River.

Lee’s Adventure Sports – Portage, MI
Lee’s Adventure Sports is a family owned Southwest Michigan outdoor sports gear business that was started in December of 1954 by Bill and Evelyn Lee. Lee’s is presently located at 311 West Kilgore Road and being run by Skip and Chris Lee, the next generation. We offer outdoor sports gear product mix of camping, kayaking, hiking, backpacking, skis, snowboards, xc skis, snowshoes, canoes, kayaks, footwear, travel gear, luggage and the clothing to do it all in. Performance and quality is in all of our products.

Bay de Noc Lure Company – Gladstone, MI
Ice fishing and saltwater fishing may not have much in common, but the fishing lures found at the Swedish Pimple website can be used for both ice fishing and saltwater fishing. Ideal lures for saltwater fishing include the Swedish Pimple, Swedish Pimple Ice, Do-Jigger, Laker Taker and the Flutter Laker Taker. On your next excursion, include some of our fishing lures in your saltwater fishing tackle. You’ll be surprised at how many limit catches they produce.

Indian Country Sports – L’Anse – MI
Indian Country Sports is a family owned and operated retail sporting goods business located on the shores of Lake Superior in beautiful downtown L’Anse serving fishing, hunting, and outdoor enthusiasts since 1968.

Toys & Hobbies
Down to Earth Toys – Ortonville, MI
Why Down To Earth Toys? Over 90% of our toys are Made in USA! Offering top quality Wooden and Natural toys made in the USA.We feel that protecting your child, while also supporting America’s economy, are of utmost importance. Whether you are looking for baby toys made in USA, toddler toys, or outdoor toys… know that you have found a store who is dedicated to offering you toys that you will feel great about giving!

Enerdyne Science & Nature Store – Suttons Bay, MI
Gifts for all ages! Enerdyne’s website exists to introduce you to our science and nature store and its products. We also provide interesting information about various science/nature topics. We’d love to have you stop in and visit Enerdyne for your gifting needs!

Drueke – Ludington, MI
The Drueke Company is America’s oldest manufacturer of traditional board games. The chess boards and chess accessories that we offer are second-to-none. Our reputation for quality chess sets inspired us to produce a variety of classic games for our customers to enjoy. Our product line includes action games, backgammon, cribbage, dominos, checkers, game boxes, chess tables and wooden accessories.

Absolute Michigan Sponsor Highlight: Weekend Warrior Golfer


We at Absolute Michigan are very pleased to have businesses and organizations that sponsor our site. Due to their support we like to give them a proper introduction to our readers as a thank you.

One of these sponsors is Weekend Warrior Golfer, a new web site that features reviews of Michigan golf courses like Arcadia Bluffs (pictured above).

After losing his job in the pharmaceutical industry some months ago, Brent Newhouse decided that he couldn’t sit at a desk again. Brent explains:

“I worked with brilliant and committed colleagues for over 14 years creating medicines that help millions of people every day. I will always be proud of that, though sitting behind a desk was foreign to my personality and tough on my overall health. In the almost year since I was fired, I have traveled all around Michigan and have been able to meet the most wonderful people from all walks of life. Some of the best golf courses in the world are in Michigan. I am truly living the golfers dream!”

If you enjoy golf, check out Weekend Warrior Golfer for great articles, regular contests, product reviews and forums.

Ultimate Sport Show Ticket Giveaway

Ultimate Sport Show***The contest is now over*** Even if you were not one of the winners we strongly encourage you to go check out the show and keep your eye out for more ticket giveaways and contests on Absolute Michigan!

In cooperation with ShowSpan, Absolute Michigan is giving away 10 pair of tickets to the Ultimate Sport Show on March 19-22, 2009 at Devos Place in Grand Rapids, MI. Check out all of the Features & Attractions and Speakers & Events that await you!

sportshowinsideAbout the Ultimate Sport Show
Michigan’s finest tradition for the avid fisherman, hunter or outdoor loving family! Over 350 exhibitors will be at the show with the latest outdoor gear, travel information and fishing boats.

The Features are Famous
World Class Taxidermy, Antique Lures, Trout Pond, Woodcarvers, Pellet Range, Fishing Simulator, Rock Wall and Fly Casting Instruction. Nearly 100 fishing and hunting seminars will be held on 4 stages, including “Lake Ultimate,” the 110,000 gallon indoor lake. Michigan sportsmen never miss it!

Congratulations to our winners and thanks to everyone for participating!

  1. Matt S. Grand Rapids, MI
  2. Valerie S. Grand Rapids, MI
  3. Bambi C. Adrian, MI
  4. Steve l K. Jasper, MI
  5. Geoff L. Grand Rapids, MI
  6. Scott R. Buchanan, MI
  7. Mark A. P. Ovid, MI
  8. Jennifer W. Holt, MI
  9. Julie L. Grand Rapids, MI
  10. George R. Buchanan, MI

Fore! Tee off at the Michigan Golf Show & Lansing Golf Show

Spring means a lot of things to me by Apocaplops
Spring means a lot of things
to me by Apocaplops

The annual Michigan Golf Show takes place this weekend (March 6-8, 2009) at the Rock Financial Showplace in Novi. It’s the largest consumer golf show in the nation, offering a chance to see the latest and greatest from over 400 exhibitors including retailers, manufacturers, resorts and representatives from over 100 Michigan golf courses!

There’s also a variety of “hands-on” activities including free pro instruction, seminars, hitting nets, and putting greens will help get your game ready for the spring. Retailers will be offering everything from golf tees to a full set of clubs at unbelievable prices.

There’s also a sister show, the Lansing Golf Show that happens March 20 & 21 at the Lansing Center.

You can also take a swing at Absolute Michigan keyword golf and check out the golf slideshow in the Absolute Michigan pool!

Shop Michigan: Your Downtown

Old Downtown by cmu chem prof

Of course Absolute Michigan is all about buying what gifts you can through the web sites of Michigan’s shops, stores and manufacturers. However, as the clock ticks down, shipping times mean you’re probably going to have to finish up offline.

Our Michigan shopping section can help there too with hundreds of listings from all over the state for antiques, beauty & clothing, beer, wine & beverages, books, music & video, hobbies, toys & games, home & garden, jewelry & gifts and sporting goods in towns all across Michigan. even listings from elsewhere might help you think up a gift for that especially difficult special someone.

Keep the drive short and shop within Michigan’s communities and you’ll also be helping your community and state. As Think Dexter First explains:

A locally owned, independent business returns approximately 80 percent of each dollar spent back to the community. Local, independent businesses assist the community through a “multiplier effect”: one dollar spent at a locally owned business will return five times that amount within the community through city taxes, employee wages and purchase of materials and supplies at other independent businesses. In addition, these businesses will return that dollar to the community through school funding, social services and contributions to local nonprofit organizations.

So get out, share a smile with your neighbors and actually enjoy gift giving. More thoughts? Share them in the comments!