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Shop Michigan: Surfing Lessons 101 from The Third Coast Surf Shop

Surfing 101Surfing 101 is a class designed as the first step in learning how to surf, it goes over the fundamentals needed to become a good surfer. The lessons starts with land instructions that go over warm-up exercises, equipment handling and safety, water awareness, and the basics of laying, paddling, sitting and popping up on the surfboard. After the land instructions comes in-water practice.

Third Coast Surf Shop is “The Great Lakes’ Premier Surf and Beach Lifestyle Shop.” Their mission is “to spread the joy of the surfing in the Great Lakes.” The shop is owned and operated by Great Lakes surfers, it offers rentals, lessons, repair, and a full line of surf and skate gear, clothing, and accessories—everything needed to experience the surfing lifestyle!

You can click on the picture for lessons, check out their website, or even check out their shop.

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Michigan Site of the Week: Tigers Central

Tiger CentralHow long has it been since the turning of the autumn leaves was accompanied by the Detroit Tigers in a pennant race? Too long!! Despite the fact that the Tigers are seriously embattled, there’s no doubt that the the Motor City and the rest of Michigan are seriously excited about the Tigers.

Our latest Site of the Week Tigers Central not only keeps you up to date with the race through news items and an active forum, it also allows you to browse through Detroit Tiger history all the way back to 1903 with player profiles and season highlights.

Check out TigersCentral.com.

40,687 fans in the park by G0Da

Michigan Site of the Week: Michigan Organic Food and Farm Alliance (MOFFA)

The Michigan Organic Food and Farm Alliance (MOFFA) was organized in 1992 as a non-profit organization. We work to create more public awareness about the nature of industrialized food supply and its environmental and social hazards. We teach ‘eaters’ to value and to choose organically grown food produced in their own locales. MOFFA is a force for generating public awareness about the need for more decentralized food systems that allow for greater participation and choice on the part of all citizens.

MOFFA welcomes new members to join us and get involved in creating a better food system for Michigan. Our members include organic and other farmers, food coops, educators, environmentalists, food businesses, food and farm activists and concerned citizens throughout Michigan and elsewhere.

Click to Visit Michigan Organic Food and Farm Alliance

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Michigan Site of the Week: Michigan Historical Markers

Historical Sign by John Belen

The Michigan Historical Marker program is administered by the State Historic Preservation Office and is one of the largest frivately funded historical marker programs in the nation with over 2,500 sites identified and nearly 1,600 markers constructed.

In 1988, Jim Brennan began visiting these markers with the objective of photographing each one. Almost 20 years later, his Michigan Markers web site has photographs about 1500 markers and has text for even more. The site offers an amazing look at the history of Michigan, with photos, the text of the markers, location and maps. As an added bonus, the site is searchable by topic and county!

Click to visit Michigan Historical Markers

Michigan Site of the Week: Michigan Lighthouse Fund

With over 3200 miles of shoreline (more than any state but Alaska), it’s not surprising that Michigan has over 120 lighthouses, more than any other state. Two-thirds of Michigan’s lighthouses currently under federal ownership are scheduled for disposal within the next 10 years. With so many lighthouses leaving federal jurisdiction, the National Trust for Historic Preservation has named Michigan’s lighthouses to its list of America’s most endangered places.

The Michigan Lighthouse Fund was established to provide grants and loans to organizations for repair and restoration lights all over Michigan. You can visit their web site to learn more about the fund, make a contribution and find out how to help preserve Michigan’s maritime history.

The site also features stories of endangered lights and a Michigan Lighthouse Map that provides information about Michigan’s lighthouses and links to web sites where available.

Click to visit the Michigan Lighthouse Fund

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Michigan Site of the Week: Publius.org

Our first Michigan Site of the Week is Publius.org, a non-partisan, non-profit organization founded in Michigan in 1996 to explore the impact of the internet on democracy and to develop web-based tools to enhance the exchange of ideas and information.

This site lets you enter your name and location and see if you are registered and (roughly) the ballot you’ll be looking at if you’re going to be voting. Publius also provides you with an easy to navigate portal to a wealth of Michigan voter information on a number of sites and is working to address Digital Divide issues through the Publius Digital Bridge program.

Click to visit Publius.org