County Fair - Calamity by j image
County Fair – Calamity by j image

The Michigan shout-out page is a place for you to post local events that our readers should check out, helpful advice for travelers from near and far, a favorite Michigan band or gallery and comments about pretty much whatever. All we ask is that you refrain from swearing or mean attacks and that whatever you’re talking about be somehow about Michigan. We’d like Absolute Michigan to be a place where people go to learn more about our great state to dream about how much better Michigan could be and collaborate to make it happen.

We hope this page is part of that, and everyone here at Absolute Michigan is really glad you’re here and very interested in your town or city and also your ideas, thoughts, comments – for Michigan and for Absolute Michigan.

(we also think you will really (truly) enjoy reading the story that goes along with this great photo)

Shout out, Michigan!