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Freakonomics author Steven Levitt on Michigan’s economy

Freaky Capitol by Andy McFarlane

One of the things in the Center for Michigan’s weekly email last Friday was a link to Model D’s interview with Freakonomics co-author Steven Levitt following his talk at Wayne State University.

When we talk about Michigan’s economy you hear a lot of terms like one-state recession. There are a lot of problems being presented as problems unique to Michigan. As if it’s one separate from the other 49 states. How true do you feel this is? What other indicators are there out there that might say that is or isn’t the case?

The problems Michigan faces are certainly the same problems that are facing all of the Midwest and parts of the Northeast. It’s not unique … In large part it comes down to having people in government who can think about economics intelligently. Many of the most important questions on the horizon are economic questions and navigating your way through economic change. That’s not what politicians are typically good at or elected for and yet I think that is something that is incredibly important.

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