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Alexander Macomb & Macomb County Heritage Day

April 3rd is Macomb County Heritage Day, so here's a zoom in of the Macomb County headquarters. From the Michigan Historical Marker in Macomb County: Alexander Macomb - In 1818, Territorial Governor Lewis Cass proclaimed the…
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University of Michigan & Michigan State merge to form "MU"

HOWELL, MICHIGAN - This morning, Ann Arbor based University of Michigan and East Lansing's Michigan State University announced a historic merger that will create the largest university on the planet, known simply as "MU". "We stand…
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Five Things you need to know about Michigan: Investing in our Future

Making the Mackinac Bridge We shared this on Facebook over the weekend, but this is a really cool video from the History Channel featuring some great old clips of the construction of the Mackinac Bridge in the 1950. Enjoy! Michigan…
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Michigan History: The Birth of the Panty Raid

Here's a little bit of an early #ThrowbackThursday in honor of the University of Michigan's play-in win last night for the NCAA March Madness tourney and their likely selection for the Frozen Four NCAA hockey championship.  Also note that the…
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Five Things you need to know about Michigan: Spring Forward Edition

Loyola High School in Detroit Detroit schools have been in the news a lot of late, and there's a tendency to believe that schools and students can't succeed in Detroit. The public radio show Here & Now looked at Loyola High School…
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Seeking Michigan: Battle for Wexford County!

By Brenda Irish, courtesy Archives of Michigan and courtesy Seeking Michigan and the Archives of Michigan. The goal of Seeking Michigan is simple: to connect you to the stories of this great state. Visit them regularly for a dynamic & evolving…
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Michigan takes center stage in Republican & Democratic Presidential Primaries

Extensive Airtime for Michigan Issues The debate focused extensively on Michigan issues including Flint's water crisis, Detroit's Public Schools, and the auto bailout. Regarding that issue, Crain's Detroit reports: In her most pointed thrust,…
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Michigan Waterfall Time-lapses

While working on today's Michigan in Pictures about Root Beer Falls, I came across a great series of time-lapse videos of Michigan waterfalls from Douglas Feltman. Many like Root Beer Falls and Jumbo Falls I had never seen. Enjoy!
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Happy Birthday to you, Mackinac Island State Park!

Mackinac Island National Park (now Mackinac Island State Park) was created on March 3, 1875. It was the second national park established in the nation, coming three years after Yellowstone. The park, a popular vacation destination since…