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Photo Friday: Laughing Whitefish Falls

The latest featured photo from our Absolute Michigan group was taken 364 days ago by James Phelps. Be sure to also visit his JMP Photography web site! It's a photo of the Laughing Whitefish Falls, a state scenic site. You can get bare-bones…
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5000th Photo Added to Absolute Michigan Photo Group!

The 235th member of the Absolute Michigan pool, Spike aka radiospike, added this photo of Comerica Park (and several others) to our group on the photo sharing site Flickr. All of us at Absolute Michigan would like to extend our heartfelt…
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Photo Friday: Making the Web

Making the Web, Photo by Lori Haskell Michigan has so much scenic and built beauty that it's sometimes hard to remember the small gems that can be found just outside (or on) your backdoor. From her photos, it's clear that Lori Haskell…
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Photo Friday: Motown

Allan M loves cities in general and Detroit in particular. You can see it in his photos of Detroit and also in the amazing UrbanPlanet.org web site he helped to found.
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Photo Friday: Barn Storming

This photo by Diane Constable from our Absolute Michigan photo group on Flick shows storm clouds moving in on a farm in Gregory, Michigan.
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Chief Okemos Photo Resurfaces on eBay

The Lansing City Pulse has an interesting feature on a recently acquired and very rare tintype photogragh of Chief Okemos via eBay. Prior to this discovery there were only two known photographs and 4 known paintings of the Chief. According to…
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"Annie Leibovitz: American Music" at the DIA

DIA by KPH A new exhibit at the Detroit Institute of Arts features the work of world renowned photographer Annie Leibowitz. Best known for her work at Rolling Stone magazine and taking some of the most memorable portraits of cultural icons,…
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Michigan in Pictures: Remembering the Flint Sit-Down Strike

Yesterday on Michigan in Pictures we posted a pretty cool feature on the Flint Sit-Down Strike of 1936-37. Since copy & paste is within our technical skill-set, here it is! A movie produced by General Motors in 1936 called Master Hands that…
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Photo Friday: Calder Plaza at Vandenburg Center

Sparky writes: The more I look at this photo, the more I like seeing La Grande Vitesse in its context in front of the SOM designed city and county buildings. I used to be all for tearing the things down and replacing them with anything other…
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Photo Friday: Technicolor Sunset

We don't know much about Dee other than the fact that she doesn't like to title her work, takes some amazing sunset shots and really loves her granddaughter Jacalyn!
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Absolute Michigan Photo Fridays

We get many, many more photos submitted to our Absolute Michigan pool on Flickr than we can use with regular articles, so we're starting "Absolute Michigan's Photo Friday" to feature some of them! If you want to get your photos featured here,…
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Connecting Michigan: Northeast Michigan

Mackinac Bridge all lit up at dusk by Johnny RR The Mackinac Bridge is more than just Michigan's most recognizeable landmark. The five mile span connecting upper and lower peninsulas is also a powerful symbol of how we as a state can come…