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Five Things you need to know about Michigan: Spring Forward Edition

Loyola High School in Detroit Detroit schools have been in the news a lot of late, and there's a tendency to believe that schools and students can't succeed in Detroit. The public radio show Here & Now looked at Loyola High School…
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Michigan Spring Peepers (Pseudacris crucifer)

Carrie in Kewadin reported HEARING SPRING PEEPERS LAST NIGHT! It's only March 11th, but I saw some crocus shoots yesterday.
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Michigan Waterfall Time-lapses

While working on today's Michigan in Pictures about Root Beer Falls, I came across a great series of time-lapse videos of Michigan waterfalls from Douglas Feltman. Many like Root Beer Falls and Jumbo Falls I had never seen. Enjoy!
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Five Things You Need to Know about Michigan: Primary Colors Edition

Mass Shooting in Kalamazoo I don't know what you can say other than "Isn't it time we do SOMETHING???" Via NBC News: The eight people shot by a rampaging Uber driver Saturday were cut down on what otherwise seemed to be an ordinary weekend…
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Five Things You Need to Know: Winter, Two-Party Primary & Six Weeks of Winter come to Michigan

1930s Newsreel: Winter Comes to Michigan The Michigan Department of Transportation shared this newsreel from the 30s featuring all kinds of winter fun including ski jumping that also hypes Michigan's road system and winter road maintenance. It…
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Northern Lights predicted for Michigan tonight!

via leelanau.com... Aurora Borealis ... over 'the Narrows' by Ken Scott The NOAA Space Weather Prediction Center: CME on the way...Want to see the Northern Lights? We have completed initial analysis of the CME associated with today's…
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The Legend of the Michigan Dogman

Michigan has some strange tales, but few are stranger than that of the Dogman. Some say the story began with a 1987 radio prank by Northern Michigan radio personality Steve Cook. Following the broadcast, Cook was surprised when listeners began…
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Harvesting Michigan Beechnuts

Absolute Michigan is excited to share this article about a tasty treat you can find in the woods right now courtesy of the new eatdrinkTC website from Traverse City, Michigan. The site is dedicated to Traverse City's exploding culinary scene…
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Sunset on Mackinac

Stephanie of Stephanie Stevens Photography recently added a few timelapses from Mackinac Island to the Absolute Michigan pool on Flickr. About her incredible timelapse of Mackinac Island harbor at sunset, she writes: Hour & a halfish time…
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Seeking Michigan: The Dickens of Detroit

This article originally appeared on Absolute Michigan October 11, 2011. By Randy Riley, Library of Michigan and courtesy Seeking Michigan and the Archives of Michigan. The goal of Seeking Michigan is simple: to connect you to the stories…
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Michigan History: Jammin' in Jackson

Also see Michigan’s Woodstock: The Goose Lake Festival on Michigan in Pictures. Goose Lake Rock Festival by edwards_sa The headlines of the local newspaper read, "125,000 and Still Coming." The reporter of the story wrote, "Goose Lake…