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Blogs We Dig: 18thC Cuisine

ConfitureWishing you could time travel? 18thC Cuisine does, join Carolyn Smith-Kizer as she explores 18th century French cuisine as a women of that era may have cooked it. Her blog is a filled with a rich assortment of historical facts and recipes. In addition to posting interesting historical recipes, Carolyn also tells you how acquire ingredients that are no longer commonly found.

Carolyn not only cooks like she is in the 18th century, she also takes part in French Colonial reenactments She even moved to Michigan to be closer to historic French sites.

Fancy trying historic dishes? How about a fritter or beignet made from the blossom of any edible flower, or some pickled green walnuts, or how about a confiture of summer fruits (otherwise known as “bachelor’s jam”)? (pictured right)

Did you know: “Dandelions (dente lion) or pissenlit (from its use as a diuretic) is an herb with many uses. Leaves harvested early in spring can be eaten as a salad vegetable; its blossoms make a delicate wine, jelly and syrup for flavoring drinks. Its leaves can also be cooked like spinach.” –Pissenlit or Dandelions