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MCS 7.2.7: Transformers co-star Michigan Central Station

MCS in Transformers

Today Transformers opens at screens across the country, and we thought it would be a good idea to give a shout out to the city of Detroit in general, and Detroit’s Michigan Central Station in particular. As the still above shows, MCS gets some face time in the summer blockbuster. The building is a favorite of many of the photographers who provide work for Absolute Michigan, and we’ve assembled our Absolute Michigan MCS Transformers Explosion most especially for all of them. As always, please add more links to photos and MCS lore in the comments.

On the Absolute Michigan channel at chime.tv we’re featuring a 1987 video of Michigan Central Station from the Sunday Times that explores the then operational station with a few old timers that you have to check out. There’s also a tour from 1999 that shows how far the depot fell in just 12 years.

ThAgo by Jurgen Natione photo to the right – Ago by Jurgen Nation (Anastacia Campbell) – is part of a great set of Michigan Central Station photos that does a wonderful job of bringing home the shattered beauty of this abandoned Detroit landmark.

A search of the michigancentralstation tag on Flickr reveals that MCS is a favorite of Detroit’s urban explorers. From the dramatic profile to the empty waiting room to the haunted hallways, MCS seems to draw cameras more powerfully than any other building in Michigan. Also check out a tour of Michigan Central Station from UrbanPlanet.org and the Detroit’s Abandoned Train Station gallery at SeeDetroit.com.

Over on Michigan in Pictures today we have a few photos from the book Detroit’s Michigan Central Station that show the station in all its glory. The Michigan Central Station entry on Wikipedia includes a photo of Michigan Central Station from December of 1913. David Kohrman at Forgotten Detroit has a Michigan Central Depot page with a good look at the history of MCS. On it he says that he views the fall of this monument as the ultimate symbol of the automobile’s complete triumph over public transportation, something I’d never thought of but that makes a heck of a lot of sense.

I guess that brings things around to the Autobots. Making stars of cars in the Freep takes a look at the 4 GM vehicles that will appear in Transformers, talks with former Detroit Wonk and current Jalopnik editor Ray Wert about the appeal of Transformers, and says that a new Transformers animated series will be set in the city of Detroit. Speaking of Jalopnik, it’s probably the place to go for all your car to robot to car Transformers photos and video. Any that you can’t find there are probably in the Transformers photo pool on Flickr.