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Photos, videos and accounts of President Gerald Ford’s funeral

Line for public repose at DeVos Place in Grand Rapids

The above photo by Andy Dragt is a panoramic look at the massive line for the public viewing for President Gerald R. Ford at DeVos Place in Grand Rapids. Click for a larger look (whoops, have to be logged in to Flickr to see it) It is one of many in the Gerald R. Ford | 1913-2006 pool on Flickr.

Ford funeral in Grand Rapids
by Beth and Christian

You can get some photos of the motorcade at For my amusement only. C-SPAN has video of President Ford’s arrival at the Ford Presidential Museum (they will also air a tribute this morning which should be available at that location later today). The Grand Rapids Press has comprehensive written, photographic and video coverage of the Grand Rapids services and President Ford. If that disappears over time, the Detroit Free Press also has coverage of the Michigan services.

Here is a set of photos that give you an idea of the numbers of people who turned out in Grand Rapids, a stunning photo by Brad Gillette, and all the photos taken in Grand Rapids over the last two days, sorted by “most interesting” (note, there’s no way to filter out Grand Rapids, MN!). Finally, check out this gallery of photos from President Ford’s funeral in Grand Rapids from mLive.
There is an excellent account of the service in at the Washington National Cathedral in Washington DC (with excellent photos) at Images: Official Honors for Former President Ford from THE TENSION. You can see a video of the entire DC service from Google Video. If you don’t want to watch all that, Charlie Rose had a nice show remembering Gerald Ford (with excerpts from the DC service) with Thomas DeFrank, Washington Bureau Chief of the New York Daily News, presidential historian Michael Beschloss, and Douglas Brinkley, author and professor of history at Tulane University that you can view below.