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Stay Safe in the Great Lakes!

Information from Great Lakes Waves offer beauty, power & danger on Michigan in Pictures…

Every year the Great Lakes claim the lives of dozens of swimmers, boaters & surfers. Here are some tips for staying safe on Lake Michigan, Lake Huron, Lake Superior and Lake Erie!

Untitled by Scott Glenn

Thinking of any of the Great Lakes as anything like any lake you’re familiar with is a mistake. They are freshwater seas that can pack  incredible power. They are stronger than you and can end your life in an instant if you don’t respect them.

Frankfort Winter Surfing
Frankfort Winter Surfing by lomeranger

The Great Lakes Surf Rescue Project is a nonprofit dedicated to drowning prevention that keeps track of drowning statistics: 74 in 2010, 87 in 2011, 101 in 2012 and 39 so far in 2013. (you can also keep up with them on Facebook)

Kayaking by Clarkston SCAMP

Life jackets can save your life.  U.S. Coast Guard statistics show that 90% of the people who drown in a boating or water accidents would survive with a life jacket.

Cold Lake Michigan
Cold Lake Michigan by GLASman1

Cold kills! Hypothermia is a danger all year round on the Great Lakes. Click that link for tips on how to stay alive if you do end up in the water.

Lake Michigan Memorial
Lake Michigan Memorial by kmoyerus

Rip Currents (sometimes called “undertow” or “rip tide”) are a big danger on Michigan beaches accounting for the majority of drownings. Michigan is 4th in rip current related fatalities behind Florida, California, and North Carolina – we have “ocean force” rip currents. Learn how to beat them in this video.

Choppy Channel......
Choppy Channel…… by smiles7

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) offers comprehensive Great Lakes marine forecasts.

"September Gale"  Grand Haven Breakwater Lighthouse is located in the harbor of Grand Haven, Michigan
“September Gale” Grand Haven Breakwater Lighthouse by Michigan Nut

The MyBeachCast smarthphone app can predict waves and warn you of hazardous conditions.

Tubing on Lake Michigan
Tubing on Lake Michigan by Steve Gifford – IN

Stay safe and have fun – treated with respect the Great Lakes are a safe and fun playground for all ages!

Do you have more tips? Share them in the comments!