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The Game: Michigan Wolverines vs. Ohio State Buckeyes

Scoreboard by mollyali

The Game between the Michigan Wolverines and the Ohio State Buckeyes starts at noon on Saturday, November 21, 2009. It doesn’t have quite as much on the line, but it’s always a big one. Read on for the our massive post on history of this rivalry with tons of links to historical and present-day info.

Originally posted November 11, 2006

According to ESPN, UM vs Ohio State is the #1 rivalry in sports. As even today a picture of Woody Hayes is enough to send me into the berserkergang, I’m not going to argue.

Both Michigan and OSU cruised to victories yesterday, setting up a November 18, 2006 showdown of #1 vs. #2 teams and causing ABC television execs to do the ad dollar dance. We are gathering links, stories, video and more.

1940 UM vs. OSU Program Cover
from the Art of Football
Bentley Historical Library

ESPN says that when Ohio Stadium opened in 1922, Michigan christened it with a 22-0 thumping of the Buckeyes. Wikipedia chronicles this historic rivalry (and what does it say that the rivalry merits a page?), saying that many refer to it as simply “The Game”. Since 1935, it’s been the final regular season game on both schools’ schedules. This year, as is often the case, both schools are at the top of college football’s rankings, adding fuel to the fire. The best site on the UM vs. OSU Rivalry from the UM Bentley Library and the OSU Library.

The two modern symbols of the rivalry were OSU coach Wayne Woodrow Hayes and UM coach Bo Schembechler. Bucknuts, an OSU fan site, says Woody Hayes was a “hot-tempered, difficult, and aggressive man”. I think they also described the surface of the sun as “a bit warm”. Hayes was the perfect arch-enemy: he hated Michigan (check the Bucknuts link or scroll to the comments for a great story illustrating this) and Michigan hated him back. What many may not know is that Schembechler was an assistant to Hayes at OSU from 1959-1963. There really isn’t a great site about Bo, but Wikipedia’s entry on Bo Schembechler probably has the best info including great trivia like the two teams have evenly split the last fifty seven meetings (from 1949 to 2005), with 27 wins apiece and three ties. Tiebreaker!
Winged Helmets There’s a whole lot of multimedia out there. The best video we found is at the bottom of the article. On the photo front, you can click the photo to the left for a great shot from Andrew Morrell. There’s a great set of photos from Michigan vs. Ohio State 2003. and (just added) photos from the 1927 UM vs. OSU game opening Michigan Stadium on Michigan in Pictures. You can hear “The Voice of Michigan Football” Bob Ufer recite Burying Woody Hayes and other classic calls.

On Google video, there’s a great 3 minute intro to an hour-long special from TFN on the Michigan-Ohio State rivalry. From YouTube, you can see the 1968 thrashing at the hands of OSU and Desmond Howard running back a 91 yard punt return in his Heisman season. On the musical front, you can learn about the history of the Hail to the Victors song and see it sung from the top of Ohio Stadium. There’s also a photo montage to The Victors. On the slightly strange side, how about Jean Luc Picard’s orders regarding the Buckeyes? (Check out this photo of Patrick Stewart at the game!)

When you put together “musical” and “strange” and add a triple the recommended dose of “Ohio State”, you get something that we have to give an “R” rating but also have to admit is pretty darn funny. Via Deadspin (language, crude humor) was a link to Schembechler in good spirits, back cheering for Wolverines in an Ohio newspaper. In the article, Bo reacts to a band called The Dead Schembechlers (language, crude humor x2). All we can say is that if it turns into a battle of the bands, Michigan could be in trouble.

U of M vs. Ohio State
by Fellowship of the Rich

Radio, Television & News

The game will be shown on ABC at 3:30 PM on Saturday, Nov. 18. For radio stations, check out Michiguide.com’s University of Michigan Sports Radio list.

In Let the Hype Begin Michigan TB Mike Hart says: “It feels great. It’s going to be probably the biggest game in everyone’s lives on our team. It’s a huge game. We’re undefeated, they’re undefeated. We’re playing for a Big Ten championship and a national championship. I don’t think there’s a bigger game out there.”

The Freep’s sports blog has History Lessons by Bill McGraw that talks about the history of the rivalry and adds that ESPN Classic will show seven of the best recent games starting this morning at 10 a.m. (1974) and 2 p.m. (1995), but they won’t be airing one of the best in memory – 1969, when the 12th-ranked Wolverines upset the top-ranked Buckeyes, 24-12.

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Here’s a cool Bo Schembechler commemorative video from last year:

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